How Does Change Happen?

Natural law applies to every sentient being. It allows you to tap into your true potential more easily and lead a more fulfilling, successful life. This law guides your destiny every moment of your life, and acts according to the choices you make.

So what is this “natural law”? It’s the process through which change happens, when potential is actualized. According to Deepak Chopra, it’s “the process by which the observer becomes the observed and…by which the seer becomes the seen.” The definition of this law assumes the following:

  1. Ancient vedic wisdom states there are three components to reality: the source of creation, the process of creation, and creation itself. In modern terms, they’re called Spirit, Mind, and Body. The Observer is both the process of observing and being observed; the Thinker is both the process of thought and the subject of it. These components all come from the same invisible power, the same quiet source inside yourself.
  2. The universe is always intelligent, and everything within it exists for a reason. It’s not intelligent only at certain times, and chaotic at others.
  3. The universe always possesses order; nothing is random.
  4. Everything comes into being from the same source, and in the same way.

In order to create sustainable change and be successful in life, you need to understand how change happens in the universe so you can use this knowledge of natural law to your advantage—rather than constantly battling against it.

Success can be defined in several ways:

  1. It implies self-mastery over your thoughts, words and actions. It’s essentially the freedom from self-sabotage, and the ability to act purposefully on your convictions.
  2. It’s the ability to see meaningful goals to fruition.
  3. It allows you to fulfill your desires and dreams effortlessly.
  4. It grants you good health, fulfilling relationships, motivating energy, and an enthusiasm for life.
  5. It’s the realization and actualization of your creative freedom.
  6. It’s emotional and psychological stability at the core of your existence.
  7. Finally, it’s a sense of well-being and peace of mind that affects and influences every aspect of your life.

Discovering where you are in life physically, emotionally, and psychologically will help you determine what you’d like to improve and achieve on your path to success.

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