Do You Think Too Much?

You’ve probably had moments where it suddenly hits you that you’re capable of far more than what you’re currently doing. You have no proof of this, yet you instinctively feel you could be “doing more” with your life.

Where does this knowing come from? The brain can process our thoughts, but intuition reaches us on a deeper level. We have an “inner knowing” that transcends the rational process of our minds, something that motivates us to finally realize our own potential. It’s an evolutionary call to advance and expand our consciousness. Responding to this yearning by boldly stepping into the unknown is often thwarted by our own rational mind, which convinces why we shouldn’t change—or even that change is dangerous.

In reality, the mind was never supposed to be our only source of guidance. It is true that the brain uses its rational capabilities to protect us, and will often guide us away from anything it associates with pain. But if we allow the brain’s instinct-driven reactions to guide us, it will prevent us from moving forward in our own life to undertake great endeavors.

Because our minds are so used to processing daily activities and familiar sensations, it automatically puts up defenses at anything that is unknown. This promotes fear that can stem from countless sources: it could be that inner voice that wants to do something different, but hasn’t seen anyone succeed at it before; it could be the relationship you give up because, despite your happiness, your family disapproves.

Following this irrational fear that, at the time, seems rational, we prevent ourselves from realizing our true potential in life. We’re left with a void that needs fulfillment. If this yearning isn’t realized, we often transform it into self-destructive tendencies that hurt us and those around us.

Clearly there is an intelligence in us that runs deeper than our rational minds. This is the same inner intelligence that allows animals to sense a coming storm and escape without harm. We sometimes refer to it as our “gut feeling”, something silent inside of us that can’t be pinpointed to any specific organ in our bodies. Sometimes we enter a mental “zone” and bypass the rational mind while doing mundane things such as driving, ending up at our destination with no memory of getting there. Artists and athletes often speak of entering this “zone” where they’re able to perform tasks beyond their normal capabilities.

By spending so much time inside our rational mind, we have no awareness of this silent but powerful intelligence inside of us. Because of this oversight we rely on the brain to provide 100% of our thought power, creating undue stress on ourselves and cutting short our desire and potential to become more than what we think we are.

In the next article we’ll discuss more about this problem, and what we can do to overcome it.

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