Do You Think Too Much? Part 2

As mentioned in part 1, the rational mind we rely on so much to protect us is our main obstacle preventing us from reaching the potential we know we’re capable of. If we want to access this maximum potential inside us, we need to go beyond the rational thought process.

Because we spend so much time inside the rational mind, we act as though the silent, intangible “gut feeling” inside us doesn’t exist. The problem with this is that, by choosing a tool with limited power (the rational mind), we never realize there’s a more powerful resource at our fingertips.

You are more than simply a brain and a body. Even the body you possess now is different than the one you were born with; every cell has changed completely even from a few years ago. Likewise, your emotions and thought patterns change over time. Thought itself is energy transmitted to your brain via a chemical and electrical process.

So if we’re not just a brain and a body, why do we spend so much of our life focusing on the rational mind? The one key factor missing from this equation is you—not your brain, not your body, but your own existence that’s powering every thought and cell. This part of the equation never changes. While every other aspect of you evolves and changes, that silent, innate intelligence that’s uniquely You remains constant.

It’s little wonder we feel something is missing, when things are put into perspective. Ancient wisdom describes this discovery as “awakening the Observer”. By giving more priority to this awareness, you’re inviting the Observer into your life. You yourself become the process through which the Observer sees.

Einstein further expounds on this principle: he explains that nothing in the universe is solid—energy is the fundamental driving force of all matter, just as we are the driving force of our life. Beneath the layers of skin, muscles and bones, our bodies are made up of the basic building blocks of life: atoms. Atoms form the cells that, in turn, form all matter we see around us.

An atom, in essence, is information that vibrates with energy at the speed of light. Everything we see vibrates with this energy, including our bodies. Quantum physics calls it “blinking”—that is, the atom blinks on and off. When the atom is “on”, we operate on the physical level and rely on our rational mind to solve our problems. When the atom is “off”, that silent intelligence hidden within us emerges. These atoms vibrate so intensely that we often mistakenly believe they are always “on”, and never visibly see when they’re “off”.

Remember the zone mentioned in the last post, that state we enter when our innate intelligence overrides the conscious mind? This is the source of those atoms. You’ve probably heard of going directly to the source to obtain something you desire; by transcending the state of always being “on”, we can tap into this source inside of us, where the atoms are “off”.

If we only focus on our rational mind, emotions and physical body, we begin to seek power over our lives from external sources, such as status, titles, and our spheres of influence. These are circumstantial, and fleeting, forms of power, gone as soon as the circumstances change. But by tapping into the source of power within us, we gain a firm foothold of control in our lives that will not easily shift or fade with time.

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