Tapping Into The Source of Your Life

Now that we’ve seen the possibilities once we’ve tapped into the Source of power, let’s put it all together to make a list of steps that will help us achieve this goal—and as a result, achieve all our other goals in life as well.

How To Access The Source In Your Life

Daily Practice of Meditation

We discussed how to set up a daily practice of meditation in the last entry. He more you meditate, the more you activate your creative potential through connecting with the “silent source” of potential.

Practice Non-Judgment

Catch yourself judging and witness the tendency in your life instead of acting on the impulse to judge. Choose to observe rather than evaluate. When we judge we are viewing the world and our circumstances through the lens of our limited perspective. We cut ourselves off from the Source or the broader perspective that is omniscient, and vastly more intelligent, than our own rational mind.

Ground Yourself in Spiritual Wisdom

Too much time in our lives is dedicated towards the pursuit of negative thoughts and emotions rather than focusing on the inherent value of life around us and the spiritual truths associated with it. We are what we put our attention on. For this reason its essential that we put our attention on inspirational, motivational, grounding, and centering material.

Become the Observer

Remember that you are not one and the same with your emotions, and they cannot control your life if you don’t allow it. Record your emotions on a regular basis so you can better understand them from an observational standpoint instead of being overwhelmed when you experience them. Throughout the day ask yourself, “Who is listening?” Review your day as though you were watching a movie, and record it in a journal every day.

These actions are so powerful for developing awareness of your true self, the self beyond the thoughts, emotions and physical body. This connects you to the broader perspective; it cultivates choice and discernment in your actions. Together these actions connect you to the true Source of power, and everything you desire in your life.

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