becomes a top priority, when one fully understands that form follows thought,
regardless of the thinker’s intention.
We reap what we sew in thought, word and deed, the most potent of which, is thought!


2 thoughts on “NASHFLASH

  1. Hi Laura just read you Nashflash on mindfullness. Is there indeed a causal effect between what we think, what we do, and what actually happens? I have come to believe that we are challenged to give of ourselves regardless of how it is received. Sort of like th 9th step, the person’s (we are making amends to)reaction is moot. It is for us. Easier said than done, huh? Just look at my anger with my father. It doesn’t matter how justified we are, we are to forgive anyway. Very challenging, but that is what makes it so liberating.

    • It is my observation that what we think, say and/or do is registered by the Source as an energetic pre-paid mail order to receive back thoughts, words and experiences equivalent to the energy impulses we emit at the time. The consequence without the cause is impossible. If I say or do things to be liked or loved, the energetic equivalent is one of unlovability. People who do this will find themselves querying, “How could they do this to me, after all I did for them?!” Similarly, if I make an apology that is not heartfelt or does not come from a point of supreme inner peace about its delivery, not much tangible evidence of any personal magnanimosity will result. Just a couple of days ago I wrote the following:

      Amends made begrudgingly, without sincerity, or for some ulterior motive (e.g. to ‘keep the peace’) will mend nothing.

      So, if we make amends, thinking that owning up to our side of the street is what will set us free – we will be sorely disappointed. There is usually very little relief in such cases. When we make our amends from the point of true Forgiveness and compassion borne of thoroughly explored identification with our counterpart – in other words – knowing full well that “I am you and you are me,” and we are grateful that this conflict showed us the freedom that results in accepting the mirror of relationship…then real mending and healing is possible.

      This is not to say that the relationship, itself, will necessarily be healed – WE will be healed tho! And we will begin to experience situations that reflect this new more power-filled, compassionate and loving consciousness.

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