of each other,
our environment
and a higher power,
free from control.


2 thoughts on “NASH FLASH

  1. Laura, I understand the mandalas. I know you post the pics by Henry Reeds. How is this of benefit to the reader if they are seeking your thoughts and drawings of your mandala on your blog?

    • I’m not sure that I understand the question. I think you are asking how the mandalas, which are painted by Henry Reed, are of benefit to someone who is merely looking for my thoughts. If I am wrong, please clarify. Assuming this is your question….

      Henry Reed has given me permission to use his mandalas to deliver my insights. They are visual representations of what it feels like when I get an inspiration (a “Flash”). I think his mandalas are Divine – brilliant. Every day I open his e-mail as if it were a present. I am so grateful to him for allowing me to visually add life, color, energy, and beauty to the impulses that come to me verbally.

      The value of the mandala to the reader is energetic. The value of the thoughts depends on you!

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