Week 1: TOOLS – What You Need To Know


This is why we have emotional and physical reactions to stories being played out on a movie screen – and to situations throughout our day that actually have nothing to do with us. Exhaustive scientific research has failed to locate the consciousness (aka awareness, presence, thinker, observer, conscience, etc.) that appears from time to time throughout the movie – and throughout our day – to remind the brain of the truth.

FEAR = Fantasized Evil Appearing Real

Most people have not been trained to cultivate and keep up a disciplined connection with this presence or “present moment awareness.” As a result they have very little power to control the behavior of their conditioned mind.  Events from the past leave an imprint on the brain.  Later when seemingly similar circumstances present themselves, the brain will issue warning signals.  If we are not paying attention (present/aware) we will believe the brain’s interpretation of  imminent danger and react accordingly.  We are re-acting the plot from a situation that may have happened years ago and have no relevance to the current situation whatsoever!  If we are in the moment, we open ourselves to the possibility of a different interpretation.  We can choose to respond differently and experience an entirely different outcome.  When we respond we pause to respire and ponder.

Present moment awareness frees me from being held hostage by my past.

2 thoughts on “Week 1: TOOLS – What You Need To Know

  1. “Present moment awareness frees me from being held hostage by my past.”

    This definitely applies to me in real time, Laura. I just completed a series of intense treatment programs for my mental illness triggered by traumatic events of the past. I never understood where my “reactions” were coming from and they affected every area of my life.

    What has helped me be more present and aware is stopping myself at the hint of any emotion I begin to feel and picture how I reacted in the past. Then, I ask myself, “How did that work out for you? How do you want to react this time? How do you want to feel about yourself when you react? How do you want those around you to see you when you react?”

    It is exhausting. But, I know there’s no other way. Right?

    • It is exhausting, but nowhere near as draining as repeating the same trauma over and over for the rest of our lives! The good news is that with consistency, this will begin to fade automatically. You see, once you poke a hole in the balloon, the air begins to go out. What was once blown up, gets deflated. In time, you can’t get any life out of it all.

      This is the process:
      1. Someone pushes our button.
      2. We become aware that we have a button that needs to be removed.
      3. We FACE – TRACE – ERASE the button.
      4. Some similar situation comes to pass and that is exactly what happens. It passes!

      It is such a good feeling to realize that you have evolved. The self-respect you gain will inspire you to continue and the new spiral is a favorable one. In your process, when you pause, you ask yourself some great questions. I would add this: What RESPONSE (vs. reaction) will bring about the most favorable result for all?

      Thanks for the dialogue.

      Be well

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