Transcend to Silence ~ Meditation Seminar 4 Consecutive Tues & Thurs: From noon-1:00 p.m.  October 16, 18, 23, 25 & 30 November 1,6 & 8  *plus 4 private consultations with Laura Nash

Included in Your Seminar:

  • Weekly Instruction Tuesdays ~ Lecture format ~ Interactive.
  • Group Q&A every Thursday following the Tuesday class
  • Weekly 30-minute private consults with Laura
  • 10 hours total with Laura live
  • Access to bonus video featuring Deepak Chopra, MD
  • Access to conference audio recording
  • Access to workshop video recording
  • Course material and mantra ($60 extra for personal mantra)


Stress is the root of all dysfunction in our lives, physically, emotionally or socially. Proper meditation is one of the most powerful antidotes to stress, along with a sense of purpose and meaningful relationships (with ourselves as well as others). With Laura’s guidance, you will learn to effortlessly meditate your way to:

• gain mastery over your inner dialogue

• acquire peace of mind

• sharpen your focus and mental clarity

• improve relationships on all levels (intimate, familial, social and business)

• maintain balance and calm through adversity

• choose your circumstances instead of reacting to them

• experience a profound sense of satisfaction and fulfillment day to day

• live a life of meaning and purpose 


course description

introduction to the basic principle

Two1- hour group sessions in which, you will learn the basic principles of this transcendent form of meditation. You will also learn about the origins, efficacy and use of mantras.  You will begin to understand the magnitude of your decision to incorporate this revered time-honored, ancient ‘secret’ in your life.  You will receive your mantra and will be instructed in how to use it. After the first session, you will be ready to begin your practice of meditation.  Throughout the balance of this course you will benefit from numerous live ineractions to clarify any questions or perceived difficulties that arise.

perfecting the practice

During this 1-hour session, you will review the practical aspects of meditation, including fundamentals such as where and when to meditate.  You will be given suggestions that are designed to make the process of settling the mind more efficient.

fruits of your commitment

This final session highlights the type of results you can expect from your consistant meditation practice, While stress relief is indeed one of the byproducts of your ongoing commitment to meditation, there are myriad benefits that evolve over time.

a vision of higher states of consciousness

This seminar includes a specially prepared video featuring Deepak Chopra. He provides a glimpse of future possibilities of growth on all levels. There will be a time for Q&A after the video and further discussion will be available during scheduled group Q&A sessions.

group Q&A

Every week we will meet for one hour to discuss our experiences to date. There is significant benefit to be gained from hearing the experiences, questions and perspectives of the other participants.  This is also an opportunity to follow-up on any questions that were not fully adressed during the lectures due to time constraints.

private consultations

You will have the opportunity to meet with Laura for a thirty-minute private consultation four times throughout the course.  This is an excellent time to discuss personal issues that you prefer not to share with the group.  After registering for the class, you will be sent a schedule to make your appointment. If you have extenuating circumstances every effort will be made to accomodate your schedule.

It is important that you attend all sessions. If that is not possible, you will have the recordings available for you gto view as soon as possible so that you may keep current with the group.  The recordings will be available for review for the duration of the course….by understanding the basic principles of meditation now you will have years of happiness and success in the future!

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