“when we understand that our circumstances and personal life experiences are the result of our inner life and not the cause, we will pursue peace of mind at all cost.”

— laura nash

Laura Nash is a consultant and instructor, guiding both individuals and groups to attain their goals using a surprisingly simple and effective vehicle: PEACE OF MIND. Her clients come from all walks of life – CEOs and senior executives of major corporations, professional athletes, artists, physicians – anyone seeking to improve their life. Her philosophy is that people already intuitively know how to solve any dilemma.  They, merely, get so bogged down by the details of an issue or the emotion surrounding it, that they cannot discern their own answers. Laura demonstrates how to cut through all the chaos and drama of life to arrive at the simple solution.


Trained and certified by Deepak Chopra, M.D., world-renowned author of dozens of best-selling books on the topic of mind-body medicine, Ms. Nash is a well-established teacher, speaker and workshop facilitator. With a B.A. from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, this former institutional bond broker and vice president at Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, Inc., brings both a philosophical and entrepreneurial perspective to her audience. She is certied to teach the authentic, ancient form of silent meditation from the Yoga tradition of India, as well as “Wellness in the Workplace,” a program designed for companies, based on Dr. Deepak Chopra’s personal development masterpiece, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. She was recently awarded for her status as the most active Chopra certied instructor in the world.

Deepak Chopra Letter of Referral

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      • Hi Laura,
        I hope you are enjoying the holidays and all this snow!!!
        I would love to have you for a workshop on a Fri.Eve, Sat late afternoon or Sunday late afternoon…I have availability in February..March, April.


      • Hi Heather. I could do a late afternoon on a Sunday in Feb. Let’s talk about details. I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing your place. The website is beautiful and the philosophy appeals tremendously! Talk to you soon.


  1. Good Morning Laura!
    My name is Noelle Farmer and I am an Elementary Special Education Teacher, Yoga Teacher (with a passion for children’s yoga and Tools for Teachers), and Vice President of ADK Mu Chapter in Parsippany, NJ, which is an international altruistic organization of educators. This position places me in charge of programming. It is my intention to provide a diversity of programs which expand the world view of our members to deliver a wide range of benefits to their inner and outer lives. I would love the opportunity to explore your message and to share your inspiration for health and wellness. Our chapter has over 75 members ranging from young women at the beginning of their careers, young mothers, intense professionals and retired goddesses! Open dates would include Thursday, February 10, 2011 and Thursday, March 10, 2011. If this was not possible at short notice; perhaps we could book a speaking engagement for the 2011-2012 school year. Thank you so much for your attention, and I look forward to your response!! I am reached at my professional email address; nfarmer@pthsd.k12.nj.us as well as through my personal email; mydixie10@yahoo.com, and by phone # 201-213-1525. Have a beautiful day!
    Grateful Blessings,
    Noelle Farmer
    ILLD Teacher
    Lake Parsippany Elementary

  2. Laura, love your July 5th post! As the universe would have it, you were on my mind several times this past weekend and then here you go showing up in my inbox:)

    I hope all is well…would love to catch up when you have time. Sending lots of love and a big hug to you, Jennifer

  3. What a courageous spirit! I just watched your first blog video. What an inspiration! (I didn’t know how to respond so I decided to post my reaction here). I believe it is the dark aspect of ourselves that provides the space from which light can emanate. Moreover, our imperfections show others that we are not irrelevant, we are like them (it connects us and births interdependence). Our faults and struggles soften us. They teach us to be humble and motivate us. And perhaps most importantly they propel us forward in the evolution of our spirit. Each of us may not be perfect, but each of us is whole at our core. I recently wrote in a paper: “I may never be perfect, but I try to remind myself each day that being perfect is not my calling. My calling is to make choices out of love and to love the world with such an intensity as to inspire others to love.” I believe this is true for most of us. Two powerful books that speak to this are “The Shadow Effect,” and “Women, Food and God.” I strongly recommend these reads! I end my post with this quote from The Shadow Effect: “Our minds may tell us that bad is bad and good is good and that we can never really be all we dream of being, but if our shadow could talk it would tell us that our brightest light can shine only when we’ve accepted our darkness. It would reassure us that there is wisdom in every wound. It would show us that life is a magical journey of making peace with both our humanity and our divinity. Our shadow would tell us that we deserve more than we ever dreamed possible and that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.” Much love Laura, you are so brave! I cannot wait for your next video blog!

  4. July 17, 2014


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    • Hello. You have the wrong Laura Nash. I know she is at Harvard and if you google her, she will pop up in the first page. There is me, a photographer names Laura Nash and her in all her brilliance! Be well.

  5. A friend has led me to you because I am under contract to write a book for the Episcopal Church on the ministry of all the Baptized in their daily life. She said that your recent book Just Enough was very helpful. If this interests you I would be rewarded by further conversation.

    Deep peace,

    Fletcher Lowe

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