May the Force be with you.”

May YOU be with the Force!




of each other,
our environment
and a higher power,
free from control.




Stress is the root of all dysfunction in our lives, physically, emotionally or socially. Proper meditation is one of the most powerful antidotes to stress, along with a sense of purpose and meaningful relationships (with ourselves as well as others). With Laura’s guidance, you will learn to effortlessly meditate your way to:
• gain mastery over your inner dialogue
• acquire peace of mind
• sharpen your focus and mental clarity
• improve relationships on all levels (intimate, familial, social and business)
• maintain balance and calm through adversity
• choose your circumstances instead of reacting to them
• experience a profound sense of satisfaction and fullment day to day
• live a life of meaning and purpose

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No Fool for Love

The Power of Love

Ironically, following the path of Love is the only route to true, sustainable power.  Seeking power through control and/or domination over people, places and things usually works…temporarily. This behavior can, and usually does, provide instant gratification and a [false] sense of security. The thrill of “success” releases endorphins and the association between domination and pleasure gets wired in our nervous system! The problem with this type of power is that it in not sustainable.  In addition, exacting power by deflating and depleting others comes with a very steep price.  Requiring constant vigilance, it is exhausting and inefficient. Neither the jailer nor the prisoner is free. Furthermore, what seems on the surface like a win, is in fact, another step closer to utter failure. The animus released every time someone loses in order that another prospers builds like an untreated disease. The power-grabber ultimately gets taken down one way or another, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.   Addicted to instant gratification and demonstrable, measurable cause and effect, the power addict usually slips into a comfortable denial, utterly incapable of recognizing direct responsibility for their dis-ease.   The person who is motivated by empowering and inspiring others has true Power. Individuals with this expansive perspective stand out in sharp contrast to the constriction felt around takers.  These individuals have magnetism – the power of attraction.  They listen to their inner guide (aka conscience)- which will ALWAYS make the loving, empowering choice.  The resulting goodwill from others as well as their own self-respect multiplies.  The subtle impact of their generosity pays dividends all the days of their lives.  It is the fool that doesn’t engage the power o Love in all human interaction.


That which we appreciate, appreciates

Appreciation is the alchemy that literally transforms the substance of matter. What you value will actually become more valuable.

The reverse is also true!

  • TREAT your kids as if you appreciate everything about them and they will give you more and more to appreciate.
  • TREAT your wife like she is supremely beautiful inside and out and you will be rewarded by her radiance!
  • TREAT your husband like he is the most competent, generous, loving partner on the planet and you will be the envy of all.
  • TREAT yourself like you are not worthy, by tolerating anything less than this from others or from yourself, and you will experience none of the above.



Money is synonymous with self.

What you do with your money is a reflection of your values.

The extent you respect your finances (paying attention to detail, planning, saving, delaying gratification, etc.) mirrors your sense of self-worth.

How you handle your money issues is reflected in your relationships.


You May Say I’m A Dreamer, But I’m Not the Only One…

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but something has held you back? Every time you want to break out of your self-imposed mould, that tiny yet powerful voice in the back of your head known as “doubt” seeps into your consciousness and starts providing dozens of reasons why it’s impossible. “Dreams sound nice, but reality doesn’t work that way,” we tell ourselves, and put that incredible world-changing idea we had on the shelf because it wasn’t “practical”.

But what is reality…in reality? Who determines what reality is?

When you break your current life down into its essential components, the truth is our perception impacts our reality, which in turn reflects our perception. Buddhism describes this concept as “esho funi”, which means “the oneness of life and environment”. Basically, the environment and our lives are inseparable. Our environment is our life, a reflection of everything we believe about ourselves and the world around us. Even the people we associate with reflect our inner thoughts and feelings.

In other words, too often we’re wrapped up in the idea that we have no control over our circumstances, when we’re actually the ones who created those circumstances in the first place.

Why don’t we believe we can affect our reality? Because we only see the world as our five senses process it, causing us to be attached to the way things have always been done. We only understand the “known”–that which has been seen before. And we know the mind wants to protect us from getting hurt, so it does not want to wander into uncharted territory! Therefore, we fall prey to our protective conditioned mind’s old beliefs and thoughts that repeatedly churn out ideas to keep us from moving into the unknown Do these phrases sound familiar?

You don’t have enough time.”

You’re the wrong gender.”

You could never succeed.”

You’re too old.”

It’s too late to start.”

Money does not come easily.”

That industry doesn’t pay well.”

Buying into these excuses limits us from our full potential, and thwarts any valid chance to affect our reality in a profound way. It is much more effective to first believe it because then you will see it. Once we learn to understand the value in ourselves and our dreams, and begin to take steps towards fulfilling those dreams, we will see “esho funi” at work as our environment becomes a brighter place to live—a seemingly inexplicable change to those who knew us before when we felt helpless and overwhelmed!

The Hidden Power of Imagination

Imagination is a powerful tool. The most creative inventions, most inspiring music and art, and greatest social advances in humanity have all occurred because someone simply thought “What if…?” It can be a positive influence in your life if you allow it to, or it can be warped by doubts and negativity to wreak havoc.

In order to effectively create the reality you really want, you must achieve a certain “vibrational harmony” with what you desire, and the easiest way is to imagine it. Imagine having it, pretend that it is already in your experience. Flow your thoughts to it. See it as done.

After you’ve done this, at that very moment, think about how you feel. You can easily tell if your attention is focused on the desire because your emotions will range from contentment to expectation to eagerness to joy. If you are focusing on the absence or lack of your desire, you will only feel constricted and anxious.

Quantum field theory (a widely accepted scientific theory that explains the behavior of atoms and molecules that make up all of matter) proves that what is happening within us will not only guide us to appropriate choices for ourselves, but it will also play a pivotal role in creating what happens outside of us. We are actually co-creating our existence and personal life stories with this Source of life.

We affect the reality of our world by the beliefs and thoughts we hold. Yet, ironically, most people don’t believe they can affect their reality. For example, they write an intention or desire and then virtually erase it because they don’t really believe it can happen–they will believe it only when they see it! They’ve grown up being taught that disappointments are the only reality in life, and by that belief they perpetuate this bleak “reality” for themselves.

Try the following exercise to prove the power of imagination and its connection to your desires. This exercise focuses on raising your vibrational point of attraction:

1. Worry about getting your desire. Take note of your emotions during this time.

2. Allow yourself to hope that you can attain your desire. Again, notice how you feel emotionally and physically.

3. Finally, expect to get your desire and know it is coming. Take note of any changes in your emotions.

Do you feel the difference? When you are worried you feel lousy and low, maybe even depressed. Your body also feels the same way! However, when you expect your desire to come, you feel completely different emotionally and physically! You feel good and your body responds favorably. Energetically, you are attracting your desired result. A simple shift in perspective has a profound impact on the outcome.

The next time you find yourself slipping into despair that you haven’t attained your goal yet, remember this exercise. In time you will learn to focus your energy on expecting your desire to manifest instead of simply hoping or worrying about it.

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Karma: You Asked For It

According to Newton’s third law of motion, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. People also like to use the phrase “you reap what you sow.” Any farmer will be quick to tell you sowing a pumpkin seed won’t yield corn the next year.

Likewise, if we want to create happiness, we must learn to sow happiness. If we want to be happy, it makes no sense to focus on things that do not make us happy. You need to put your attention on what you do want, rather than what you do not want. This does not mean that we should live in denial of “problems” or situations in our life that we have interpreted as negative. We should simply acknowledge the problem as the result of a seed that had been sown earlier in our life, or even before, and take responsibility for it by attempting to live more positively. Remember, nothing in the universe exists randomly. If we want to experience something different, we will let the negativity and grumbling go and begin putting our attention towards the solution to our problems and what we do want in our life.

Eastern traditions refer to this effect as karma. Karma is action, the interpretation of that action, and the resulting consequence of that action which is also interpreted and recorded in our memory. That memory will then prompt us in future actions. The memory will create a desire for more or less of the particular action.

Think about it: if I have a cup of coffee and perceive that it makes me feel good, I may interpret coffee as a good thing. I will be more likely to have another cup tomorrow. I will most likely continue to have coffee in the morning until I have an experience that will lead me to a different interpretation, memory and desire. If I have a bad reaction to the coffee, I would be less likely to have another cup the next day.

Although Americans have a tendency to describe karma in a negative sense, making bad choices can still lead to a good outcome if you take responsibility for the consequences, learn from them, and use that experience to make better choices in the future. For example, a child makes the decision to touch a hot stove. As a consequence, they are burned and record a negative feeling in their memory. In this way they learn that touching hot things is bad, and will be less likely to repeat this action in the future. Yet, as adults, we tend to turn away from unpleasant consequences in our life, blame others for them, and spend our time running from the resulting issues that arise.

Too often, we can get so bogged down in negative feelings and “karma” that we figure there’s just no way out. But by taking responsibility right then and there for every thought and action that has led you to the point you’re at today, acknowledging that you did play a major role in it (whether positive or negative, regardless of “outside influences”), and choosing to make positive causes for your life, you’ll be able to gain firm control over your actions and generate “positive karma” as you move forward towards your goals.

Affirming the Reality of Your Life

The lotus flower is a powerful symbol in Buddhism. It both seeds and blossoms at the same time, indicating how the scientific laws of cause and effect are inseparable. In other words, the choices and determinations about our life that we set forth into the universe–for better or worse–will inevitably be exactly what the universe returns to us in abundance.

Are you allowing yourself to flow freely in the energetic exchange of life? It is extremely important to understand exactly what we are giving and receiving in our lives.

The following questions are designed to get you thinking about your openness to this. They are also intended to alert you to where you may be resisting change out of fear of the unknown. Following each series of questions below are affirmations–positive statements and declarations–to assist you in opening up to all that is possible in life. It’s important that they are written with a pen or pencil as well as spoken out loud, with conviction. Be sure to focus while using affirmations and keep your energy level up to match the intention. If they are rote phrases they will become meaningless
and useless.

Remember to choose only one or two questions to work with at a time. If we overload ourselves, we are setting ourselves up for failure.

Affirmations should be credible and very clear, and it is important that they are written in the present tense as if it has already happened. This exercise is not about kidding yourself. For example, if I don’t have a dollar in the bank, and I affirm, “I am affluent and abundant,” this statement is true. The truth is we are all affluent and abundant and wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.

1. What practices or actions do you take, or will you begin to take, to ensure that there is the proper flow of energy through your body on a daily basis?

2. Give examples of things you do to bring your body to a restful state. Can you allow yourself to receive physical help and assistance that you may not have allowed in the past?

3. Are you aware of any areas of your body where there is tightness and tension as a result of holding on to negative emotional feelings?

1. My body is in rhythm with the universe.
2. I am open to receiving perfect health.
3. I expend and receive energy freely.

Do you find yourself unable to accept compliments or affection?

Are there certain individuals that you find it difficult to open up to? Hint: whatever it is about them that makes you uncomfortable about opening up is a reflection of something about you that will cause others not to trust you! What prevents you from full and free intimacy with those that share freely with you? This could be the memory of an old wound that you no longer need to bear.

Do you give affection and love only when you receive it? Do you need to receive before you can give?

Do you freely give and receive sexually? Are you demanding or denying?

Are there any stipulations, criteria or agendas you have in order for your love to flow?

Are there some non-serving relationships in your life where you have been willing to receive negativity or even degradation? Are you giving this tolerance because you are hoping to get something out of it such as money or security?

1. All of my relationships are mutually nurturing.
2. I trust that we are here to serve each other.
3. My partner and I share a mutually nourishing and respectful intimacy.

What are your current beliefs about the flow of money into your life and how money comes to you? Can money only come to you through your job?

What do you believe money is an exchange for?

Do you think people who have anxiety about money are capable of allowing money to flow easily into their lives? Does money cause you to get anxious or tense?

1. Money flows to me easily, consistently and in great abundance.
2. Thank you for the abundance I see reflected all about me.
3. Thank you for the river of money which flows to me and through me.

Where does everything come from? How does potential manifest into reality?

When in your life have you decided to create something and it happened?

In light of what you now know, what are your thoughts about how you successfully created something in the past?

How have you contributed to others? How have you been rewarded?

1) Through my thoughts, actions and desires I create my life.
2) Thank you for the wondrous possibilities and the wondrous probabilities all around me.
3) Thank you for the privilege of serving, and sharing the gift that I am.

When something of value is given in life, it comes back in multiples. This is why we need to be mindful of what we give mentally, energetically and physically.

If you give and feel you have lost something, you really haven’t given. If you give grudgingly, the gift will not grow. It’s the motive behind your giving that will dictate the return. When you give from your heart unconditionally, the result is expansive. If you want love, give people your time and attention. If you want financial success, help others to become financially successful. If you want to be blessed with all good things, silently bless all others with all the good things in life!

You Can’t Take It With You

Have you ever noticed that when you smile at people, they smile right back? If someone gives you hostility and you do not receive it, it will not affect you. If you instead give that person compassion and understanding (which is what they are really looking for and don’t know how to ask for it), what you receive from them will be entirely different.

On the other hand, keeping everything to yourself and closing your energy off from your environment tells the universe you want nothing from it—even if it isn’t true—and nothing is exactly what you’ll get. Others will perceive you as cold and unfriendly, and in return will be repelled.

To relieve themselves of this isolating feeling, people turn to hoarding the things around them in a vain attempt to counter their solitude; to regain, in a way, that connection to humanity that’s been lost. They don’t realize it was the act of hoarding their energy to themselves that caused the problem in the first place.

Money is a common and easy target for hoarding, but is far from the only method. People collect broken relationships, old self-defeating behaviors, neuroses…anything that distracts them from reality, no matter how temporarily, until it creeps up and overwhelms them again.

A common area where hoarding causes destruction is in information sharing. As the saying goes, information is power. Sometimes people like to keep information a secret so that no one else will get and benefit from it. If we come up with a great product or spot an industry trend or gain any other valuable information, the tendency is to keep it a secret as long as possible so we can get the lion’s share of the profit from the knowledge.

In corporations, this hoarding causes terrible communication problems. In relationships, it breeds mistrust. In vital industries such as pharmaceuticals, it prevents people from healing and benefiting from medical advances. When senior level management doesn’t trust employees with information, efficiency is compromised and opportunities are missed because each person could have taken that piece of information and expanded upon it. In each of these cases, this lack of trust and resentment permeates—and pollutes—the environment.

As we’ve established in previous blog posts, the fabric of the entire universe is made up of energetic exchange. When we hoard, we effectively shut off the exchange between ourselves and our environment. Agents of our own destruction, we end up causing the very isolation we fear. Without participating in the natural process of exchange, dysfunction begins to appear in our lives. Just as giving too much can be detrimental, hoarding tells the universe you no longer trust it to provide what you need to be happy. When that happens, the universe has no choice but to respond in kind.

It Is Better To Give AND Receive

To get the life you want, you need be in the flow of life—in other words, you need to be capable of both receiving and letting go in order to receive again. This is the key: in order to receive again, you have to let go. Using the abusive parent example, if we let go of resentment we are open to receive love and nurturing from wherever it may come. In reality that’s all we really desired, hidden underneath the anger.

We can literally let go of illness as well. We cling to our arthritis, our rheumatism, our sinus congestion, migraines, heartburn, ad infinitum. “My aching <insert body part>!” is a favorite lament of many. Unless we stop giving these conditions such a prominent presence in our lives, we will not be open to receive healing. The way to let go is to figure out just what negative process you’re hanging on to that expresses itself physically through your ailment.

Everything is constantly changing, flowing and evolving. The tree provides the oxygen which literally gives us life and in return we give the tree carbon dioxide that gives it life. We don’t hoard oxygen because we are afraid that one day there won’t be enough for us.

Right now, as you read this, take as deep a breath as you can and hold it. Do not exhale. Hold it as long as you possibly can. Can you feel the burning in your lungs? Hoarding oxygen is in direct opposition to the natural energetic flow of life so it causes discomfort, “dis-ease” if you will. Notice how uncomfortable you feel when you are holding on to aspects of your life that are meant to be let go. Our resistance to change in a universe where the only constant is change is not only inefficient and creating exactly what we do not want, it is insane! To say no to change is to say no to life.

Now exhale as fully as you can. Keep your lungs emptied for as long as you can stand it. Again, do you feel the discomfort that is caused by a refusal to receive? Similarly if you hoard money, it will stagnate and coagulate in your life. The word “affluence” comes from the root “affluere” which means “to flow.” The word affluence means to flow in abundance. Money is a symbol of the life-force; it is a symbol of an exchange of services or values that we provide to the universe. In order to get money you must give something of value. Without giving there is no receiving, and vice versa.

If you are pursuing money for the sake of power or security or some other self-serving cause, you are cutting yourself off from the dynamic flow of the universe. You must be willing to circulate your money so that you will attract more money to you. As soon as you give it, you create a vacuum to receive more. And as long as you know this and are not violating any of the other laws, more will come.

For example, if you are giving in order to get, you’re doing it out of fear you won’t have money in the future. The return will reflect this fear-based motive. Ignorance of the true Source creates the belief or fear that you are losing something when you spend money. This is equivalent to believing that your Source of abundance and affluence is limited. You are giving your energy to what you do not want. This weakened life condition will send out a low vibration picked up by the Source as a request for more of the same.

This does not mean that we should spend irresponsibly thinking that the more we give, the more we will get. It means that you are willing and grateful to pay for services rendered and enjoy responsibly the resources that you have. Sure, there are people who hoard money, and as a result they have a lot of it. However, their unwillingness to let go causes discomfort in other areas of their lives, and undermines the very reason they wanted the money in the first place: security. Furthermore, they are most likely preventing themselves from even greater fortune. Imagine a funnel: if you plug up the hole in the bottom, it limits how much can be absorbed by that particular vessel. If you want to receive money you need to give it.

Pretend you are in a large room with twenty people and the power goes out. There is no light, and no heat. Everyone has candles but yours is the only one that’s lit and there are no matches. Does it make any sense to hoard your source of light and warmth? If you walk around the room and light everyone’s candle, you will have more than you started with. And when you finish lighting everyone’s candle and look down at your own, you realize it hasn’t diminished one bit!

Hoarding harms the one who is hoarding. When you hoard, you get a lot of what you are hoarding; but you don’t get what you really want: peace of mind. The habit of hoarding is caused by an underlying fear, which is what you will continue to attract if you maintain that habit.

If you aren’t able to understand that you are an energetic being vibrating at a frequency that attracts similar energy, you are likely to believe that everything in your life is caused by external factors and is beyond your control. This belief can cause you to mis-create. For example, when someone cuts you off on the freeway, you may feel like an angry victim if you are unaware that your impatience with your partner earlier that morning paved the way for this highway exchange. Yes, your own energy made room in your life for that negativity!

Giving and receiving don’t have to come from the same place. If you send the pendulum in one direction it will return in direct proportion. This silent system is at work below the surface of things. If you do not accept this, you will always feel like an innocent victim with no power over your life. Awareness helps you see that, at the subtle subatomic level, you are causing the situations of your life to happen. If you don’t like being treated poorly, you will be careful not to treat others poorly.

It’s All About Give And Take

Life is a process of constant transformation where matter becomes energy, and energy becomes matter. Nature is the perfect example of this process: think about a tree whose leaves provide oxygen for us to breathe, and in return takes the carbon dioxide we exhale. That is one exchange. Its leaves die and fall to the ground, where they decompose and become energy that sustains the tree. The tree consumes energy and creates new matter in the form of new leaves, which begins the process all over again.

When we breathe, we give carbon dioxide to the tree. Without this act of giving, the tree could not receive anything. If the tree did not give the earth its leaves for nutrients, it would starve. There is a constant on-going flow that creates our world as we know it.

Other examples in nature exist of this give-and-take process. If you watch a gaggle of geese flying overhead in a V-formation you’ll notice the leaders actually alternate; as each bird flaps its wings, it creates an updraft making it easier for the birds behind them to fly. When the leader tires of giving maximum effort, it falls back into formation and receives the updraft from the birds ahead of it.

Another example of nature’s constant exchange is the river. It’s been said that you can never step n the same river twice. This is because the water that constitutes the part of the river where you are stepping is continuously flowing out and being replaced by new water. If there was no place for the water to flow, the river would stagnate and become toxic like the Dead Sea.

The Source of our being (the silent intelligence mentioned in earlier blog posts, which gives rise to everything that ever was and will be) receives our intention by reading the vibrations we give. In other words, our thoughts and emotions give the Source its delivery orders. The physical level is created and manifested from a subtle level via our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. As a result of this intention, we experience things on the physical level with our 5 senses.

Everything we experience comes from the field of pure potential. This beautiful symbiotic flow is within all we experience in the world. Life itself is giving and receiving in action. The Source just gives and receives back everything you give it, only to give again. Things come into existence; they have a beginning, they give of themselves, and they have an end. The universe receives the energy and information back into the field of pure potential.

Actually, this process is happening every millisecond at the speed of light. Since our lives are constantly vibrating with energy, the Source is giving, receiving, and giving information again. The information contained in the universe is constantly in flux; with every pulse of information, there is birth, and there is death. Understanding your role in this energetic exchange, from giving someone a smile to taking your next breath, will give you a new tool to open yourself to greater energy flow, more affluence, better health, and more fulfilling relationships. You will truly understand that what you get out of life is directly proportional to what you put into it.

Taking Your Life Back From Yourself

Have you heard people say “It’s not my fault I’m unhappy, I had a bad childhood/spouse/employer”? Or maybe “I can’t ever be happy unless <insert name> changes their attitude.” Well, it’s time to put your life–and happiness–back in the hands of the only person who really understands you.


When you know the true source of everything in life and are able to access and use it, you are empowered. You are no longer at the mercy of chance and fortune. You are not a victim of circumstances; instead, you are the creator of your own life, responsible for everything you experience.

This notion of responsibility for your circumstances can be difficult for anyone to accept. You can imagine people will argue that they’re not responsible for their illness, or for the abuse they suffered from their parents. They might say “I didn’t choose this. I did nothing to deserve it, nor did I ask for it.” But this way of thinking doesn’t serve you in any positive way. Why? If you continue to act as a hapless victim of some arbitrary intelligence, you remain powerless over your own life.

Furthermore, look around you. There is far too much evidence of order in the universe for the events in your life to be random. Intelligence is present in all arenas of life. This means that everything we experience, good and bad, is a result of natural law. What happens to us makes sense based on what has come before in our lives, or the lives of people affecting us.

The good news is, once you remove the cover of ignorance and helplessness and accept that you alone are responsible for your circumstances, you can change them. It is absolutely imperative that you be open to receive the information about your responsibility for all the circumstances of your life, in order to empower yourself to change it.

When you become open-minded and willing to accept the fact you are creating your reality, you can easily learn how to create it intentionally. In order to create this reality, you need to know how. That’s H-O-W (Honest, Open-minded, and Willing.) In the next article we’ll look at nature’s role in the constant transformation of matter, and how the Source can work either for or against us depending on our own thoughts.

Do Your Emotions Rule Your Life?

We all go through times of emotional suffering. Some of us run from our emotions, while others cling to them for an unhealthy period of time. But for many of us the thought never occurs that we have the tools to overcome this suffering, or we simply don’t know how to use those tools. Let’s look at some ways in which we can take back control of our emotional state.

First, remember rule #1: You are not your emotion. You are not one with them, and although you experience that emotion, it does not mean you and that emotion are the same being.

With this understanding firmly in place, you can now observe your emotion when it occurs. Note its presence, step back from the situation and distance yourself from the instinct to lose yourself in that emotion. This step alone has already given you the power to take back control of your life.

Emotions themselves are not a bad thing, so running away from them isn’t the answer. Instead, experience your emotion as a wave coming and going. Don’t block or suppress it, and don’t try to get rid of it. At the same time, don’t hold onto it longer than necessary, amplify it, or act impulsively because of it. It’s a delicate balancing act, but once you’ve learned how to use these tools it becomes easier each time after that.

Also practice loving your emotion, without judgment. Accept it for what it is and move on. Emotions are a natural part of life, and will always play a part of yours; looking at your emotions negatively will, in turn, cause you to take a negative view of your own life. By accepting them as part of a process to move beyond them, you empower yourself in a positive manner.

To understand your emotions more clearly, start recording your strongest emotions from day to day in a diary along with the event that was occurring when you felt it. This will allow you to be mindful of what emotions show up in your life and what triggers them. If the emotion is negative, you’re attracting negativity to your life.

Next to your list of emotions and event triggers, write down what you think about your own reaction to your environment. After allowing yourself to feel the emotion thoroughly without judgment, you’ll find you are better able to separate yourself from it and view it from a clearer, more controlled perspective.

Do you remember the Life Focus Wheel you filled out? Go back and read through your Emotion Diary to find the situations or circumstances you indicated are preventing you from realizing your own potential. Until now you’ve been focusing on the impossible in your life rather than what is possible. By deciding you don’t have enough time or money, that you’re the wrong gender or age, or whatever excuse you’ve come up with, you’ve been very successful in manifesting these intentions.

Every one of these obstacles in your life is an area where you have relinquished your own power. In a sense you’re treating these obstacles like they’re a source of fulfillment for you. You can now see this is only an illusion—the real source is within you, no matter what it looks like. Seeing is not believing; believing is seeing.

When you decide that you can do all of these things and that the so-called roadblocks are only imaginary, you will be just as successful at manifesting them as you were at manifesting their polar opposites.

How To Get What You Want

We can tap into the source of everything by overcoming the constant internal monologue of our rational mind through meditation. We can utilize this connection once we’ve established it in our lives by focusing our attention and energy. We can and do influence the source whether we have established a conscious connection or not. This connection strengthens our ability to remain grounded and self-empowered—relying on the real source inside ourselves. By maintaining this connection to the source, our desires are realized with diminishing effort on our part. The time that lapses between our desire and its fulfillment also decreases.

There are multi-dimensional aspects to our lives. First, we are physical beings, bound by the laws of physics and the illusory world made up of atoms that appear, according to our senses, to be solid. The physical world is everything we can see, hear, and experience with our five senses.

But we are also subtle beings. At this level of existence the atoms aren’t quite as densely grouped as they first appeared to be. Therefore, our experience at this level comes in the form of less tangible thoughts and emotions.

On a third, separate level, we are completely intangible beings. This aspect of our being is infinite, something that can’t be defined by space or time. It’s the intelligence that holds us together, the source of all the particles seen in the other aspects of our being. It is that field of power and potential energy known by the field of quantum physics as “waves” of potentiality.

So how do these waves of potentiality turn into particles of information? In other words, how is that potential actualized? How does anything come from nothingness to become something? How do we get what we want?

The answer is simple. As Einstein said, if the answer is simple it’s divine, but complicated answers are constructed by the human mind.

First, our own thoughts transform a “wave” of potentiality into a particle of information. All of our memories and future thoughts are stored as pieces of information, or potentiality, in a virtual filing cabinet. Turning our attention to a certain memory or thought activates that piece of information; with prolonged attention, the energy surrounding it will begin to attract similar particles—or repel them, depending on the positive or negative nature of your attention. The more intense your focus, the greater the likelihood these pieces of information will become solid enough to form as a physical reality in your life.

You are the creator of all your experiences. If you focus on negative events in your past and continually relive the emotional and physical pain associated with it, you begin to attract negative particles into your present experience. This is precisely why bad things happen to good people. If you have a good heart but are held back by fear from past experience, you’re setting yourself up for suffering.

The Source of all thought and emotion is absolute. It has no preferences; it just is. It only knows how to give or create. It gives exactly what we ask it to give based on what we focus on and pour our energy into. This is why fear is so dangerous—it leads us to focus on things we don’t really want, such as illness or failure. If we are fearful of falling ill, the Source only picks up on the subject of our attention and gives it back to us. Law is law, and gravity will not suspend itself because Johnny fell out of the window and never did anything to deserve this.

To start creating a successful life, it’s crucial we are aware and present with ourselves so we know exactly what we are focusing our attention and energy on. Mindfulness is key. We need to be clear with our intentions—if we don’t know where we’re going, we may end up anywhere. Finally, we need to be a witness and observer of our own lives; acting as a third-person observer shifts our awareness to the perspective of the real source, the higher self. This action begins the process of freeing you from the reactive, conditioned mind, as long as you observe without judgment. As you become fully aware of your thoughts and emotions, they will not have as much power over you. You will be able to respond to life more consciously rather than react and regret.

Do You Think Too Much? Part 2

As mentioned in part 1, the rational mind we rely on so much to protect us is our main obstacle preventing us from reaching the potential we know we’re capable of. If we want to access this maximum potential inside us, we need to go beyond the rational thought process.

Because we spend so much time inside the rational mind, we act as though the silent, intangible “gut feeling” inside us doesn’t exist. The problem with this is that, by choosing a tool with limited power (the rational mind), we never realize there’s a more powerful resource at our fingertips.

You are more than simply a brain and a body. Even the body you possess now is different than the one you were born with; every cell has changed completely even from a few years ago. Likewise, your emotions and thought patterns change over time. Thought itself is energy transmitted to your brain via a chemical and electrical process.

So if we’re not just a brain and a body, why do we spend so much of our life focusing on the rational mind? The one key factor missing from this equation is you—not your brain, not your body, but your own existence that’s powering every thought and cell. This part of the equation never changes. While every other aspect of you evolves and changes, that silent, innate intelligence that’s uniquely You remains constant.

It’s little wonder we feel something is missing, when things are put into perspective. Ancient wisdom describes this discovery as “awakening the Observer”. By giving more priority to this awareness, you’re inviting the Observer into your life. You yourself become the process through which the Observer sees.

Einstein further expounds on this principle: he explains that nothing in the universe is solid—energy is the fundamental driving force of all matter, just as we are the driving force of our life. Beneath the layers of skin, muscles and bones, our bodies are made up of the basic building blocks of life: atoms. Atoms form the cells that, in turn, form all matter we see around us.

An atom, in essence, is information that vibrates with energy at the speed of light. Everything we see vibrates with this energy, including our bodies. Quantum physics calls it “blinking”—that is, the atom blinks on and off. When the atom is “on”, we operate on the physical level and rely on our rational mind to solve our problems. When the atom is “off”, that silent intelligence hidden within us emerges. These atoms vibrate so intensely that we often mistakenly believe they are always “on”, and never visibly see when they’re “off”.

Remember the zone mentioned in the last post, that state we enter when our innate intelligence overrides the conscious mind? This is the source of those atoms. You’ve probably heard of going directly to the source to obtain something you desire; by transcending the state of always being “on”, we can tap into this source inside of us, where the atoms are “off”.

If we only focus on our rational mind, emotions and physical body, we begin to seek power over our lives from external sources, such as status, titles, and our spheres of influence. These are circumstantial, and fleeting, forms of power, gone as soon as the circumstances change. But by tapping into the source of power within us, we gain a firm foothold of control in our lives that will not easily shift or fade with time.

Do You Think Too Much?

You’ve probably had moments where it suddenly hits you that you’re capable of far more than what you’re currently doing. You have no proof of this, yet you instinctively feel you could be “doing more” with your life.

Where does this knowing come from? The brain can process our thoughts, but intuition reaches us on a deeper level. We have an “inner knowing” that transcends the rational process of our minds, something that motivates us to finally realize our own potential. It’s an evolutionary call to advance and expand our consciousness. Responding to this yearning by boldly stepping into the unknown is often thwarted by our own rational mind, which convinces why we shouldn’t change—or even that change is dangerous.

In reality, the mind was never supposed to be our only source of guidance. It is true that the brain uses its rational capabilities to protect us, and will often guide us away from anything it associates with pain. But if we allow the brain’s instinct-driven reactions to guide us, it will prevent us from moving forward in our own life to undertake great endeavors.

Because our minds are so used to processing daily activities and familiar sensations, it automatically puts up defenses at anything that is unknown. This promotes fear that can stem from countless sources: it could be that inner voice that wants to do something different, but hasn’t seen anyone succeed at it before; it could be the relationship you give up because, despite your happiness, your family disapproves.

Following this irrational fear that, at the time, seems rational, we prevent ourselves from realizing our true potential in life. We’re left with a void that needs fulfillment. If this yearning isn’t realized, we often transform it into self-destructive tendencies that hurt us and those around us.

Clearly there is an intelligence in us that runs deeper than our rational minds. This is the same inner intelligence that allows animals to sense a coming storm and escape without harm. We sometimes refer to it as our “gut feeling”, something silent inside of us that can’t be pinpointed to any specific organ in our bodies. Sometimes we enter a mental “zone” and bypass the rational mind while doing mundane things such as driving, ending up at our destination with no memory of getting there. Artists and athletes often speak of entering this “zone” where they’re able to perform tasks beyond their normal capabilities.

By spending so much time inside our rational mind, we have no awareness of this silent but powerful intelligence inside of us. Because of this oversight we rely on the brain to provide 100% of our thought power, creating undue stress on ourselves and cutting short our desire and potential to become more than what we think we are.

In the next article we’ll discuss more about this problem, and what we can do to overcome it.