Why is it so difficult to stay present? (part 2)

  1. Awareness is a must for the next requirement, which is willingness.  We must have enough desire to do the work or we will simply default to the path of least of resistance… the way it has always been.Going Your Own Way on Blackboard
  2. If changing was easy, more people would be satisfied with their life on all levels. We have discussed that change is difficult because we are hard-wired to trust our thinking… it is all we know! We have learned that this is a problem because we continually need new coping and thriving mechanisms as our lives evolve in a world that changes around us in ways we cannot control.
  3. When I realize that my freedom is on the other side of this fear of the unknown, I become willing to move through the discomfort of the perpetual flux of each moment.  This means I let go of trying to control people places and things to make them fit into my known reality.  I avail myself of the presence of mind which adapts to the flow of life that creates the cosmos and everything in it.
  4. If I don’t do this, the pain of forcing my perspective on everything will likely cultivate the willingness in time.  Choosing to move through fear is a far more efficient and pleasant path to happiness than being dragged through the inevitable.

…to be continued.

My awareness of these principles was not enough for me to become entirely willing to change.  I wanted to be willing, but I found it so challenging to change.  Yesterday, I used the example of yelling at my two-year-old daughter even though I didn’t want to be that type of mom.  I had the awakening that my thinking (not my child) was the culprit when she was six years old.  I made many attempts to change but found myself going back to her to apologize to her more times than I care to admit.  Without going into detail, I will just tell you that it took ten years for me to totally destroy my credibility with her.  I knew I had pushed her too far.  The thought that I would lose my daughter was my bottom.  I was finally in enough pain that I became willing to let go of “my way” altogether.  I became a listener and the wind at her back.  It took some time to win back her trust, but I let go of my fear about that too! I knew that if I held onto thinking that keeps me in regret (past) or fear (future) I would disconnect myself from the Power that is only available now, the power to trust in goodness and love and walk into my vision for the future.

Will Pumpkin Seeds Grow Roses?

“I am dealing with a bunch of idiots.”

“She doesn’t know how I feel – I would never say what I really think; I would be fired.”

“Don’t worry, I behaved like a gentleman.”

These are the types of comments I hear every day.

It seems there is a widespread misconception that if we just keep our mouth shut, no harm no foul.  Many believe that if nobody sees the conflict between what we think, how we feel and what we say, then we can control how we are perceived by others.

This is impossible!


Rosy Results

As within, so without.  We can’t plant pumpkin seeds and hope to grow roses.  Our thoughts are seeds that are planted in the fertile soil that is the depths of our mind.  As with seeds buried underground, we don’t see thoughts.  These seeds sprout in our speech and bloom in our action.

When we say something we don’t mean, we are expecting the listener to believe that our pumpkin sprout is actually a rose sprout.  It won’t be long until that sprout comes to full bloom and our pumpkin is impossible to pass-off as a rose.

Energy is how we water our garden.  Positive (honest, open, willing, compassionate, optimistic and loving) energy will grow thoughts, words, deeds and results that are beneficial to everyone. Negative (fearful, resentful, jealous, anxious, dishonest, secretive and hateful) energy gives rise to thoughts, words, deeds and results that are destructive to common purpose.

The more energy we give a thought, the harder it is to disguise.  If a thought is not helpful, it is far easier to nip it in the bud at its inception.  If we pull our attention away from it, then we can correctly say, “No harm no foul.” Our other option is to replace the thought.  Dig up the pumpkin seed and put in a seed that is in line with a solution and/or positive outcome.

Mental Gym

Suggested Workout

Assume the Best

  • Begin by taking a brief snapshot of your life at the moment.  
  • For the next 7  days assume the best in everything and everyone.
  • Notice how often you feel a temptation to assume the worst.
  • Keep track of each time you intentionally changed your attitude.
  • At the end of seven days, pause and review your week. Has anything shifted?
  • Re-up for another 7 days.

When practiced in earnest, you will notice that your outlook changes when you change your outlook.  

If you can’t imagine a favorable interpretation, simply decide that what seems like a  snag is either an opportunity in disguise or a blessing that has protected you from harm.  Remain alert to the opportunity.  Examples of  assuming the best when we might usually assume the worst:

  • Someone cuts you off on the road and you assume they didn’t see you or they had an emergency so you send them a silent blessing instead of a curse.
  • You miss your flight and assume that  there is a good reason for the delay.  Grateful for the ‘found free time,’ you seize the opportunity to catch on reading, journaling, writing, etc.
  • You don’t get the job you were hoping for and assume that something better is right around the corner.
  • You get such a bad cold that you don’t get out of bed all day and assume that your body knows that if it doesn’t slow you down, you could harm yourself.  So you take the day to rest, watch old movies, read magazines and just relax.
  • Your children are misbehaving and you assume that they are releasing tension from the day in a safe environment where they are not rejected or judged.  You are so grateful that you know how they tell you about their stress and can help them through  times when they want to act out instead of feeling our feelings or because we don’t know what to do about our frustration.
  • You were left out of a social event and assume it was an oversight and that you would have been in a compromising position by someone at the event or something wonderful will happen as a result of the oversight.

It is easiest to think about adopting this attitude “just for today.”  Sometimes I break it down even more.  In very challenging times, I have broken it down to hours and even minutes.  I can tell myself (and believe) that at this time I am okay.  I appreciate the fact that this thing that wants to cause me fear has not yet come to pass.  I can take that perception of ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ and turn it around one minute at a time.  My friend, Walter, once told me, “I can swap my sense of impending doom for a sense of impending wellness.”  I love that!

I can choose to swap a sense of impending doom for a sense of impending wellness.  What to I have to lose?    


Hold the Vision

One of my clients has a daughter who serves as a barometer for his well-being.

He came to me for guidance handling the emotional stress of divorce, being a single dad and new fiscal challenges.  He was high on a potent cocktail of resentment and fear.   When we met, he was stuck in a chain of pain that seemed as if it was manifest in his daughter. His relationship with his daughter has made my job very easy!  She was like my Cliff Notes.  Once he described what was ‘wrong’ with her, I knew how to help him arrive at his solution.  Like clockwork, when his daughter acted out, he reacted  impulsively with feelings of anger and even rage.  Then he felt engulfed by remorse for his behavior.  He told me how much he loved his daughter and didn’t want to hurt her, but….. he was just so afraid that she would end up like her mother!  Having heard about some of his former wife’s antics, I certainly understood why he hoped for something different for his daughter.  I also clearly saw why some of his daughter’s behavior would remind him of her mother and trigger his fear.  Luckily, it was easy for him to see that saying things like, “You’re just like your mother!” would not help his daughter to blossom into a woman of substance, especially since she was aware of his disdain for her mother.  But nothing was working.  He could not issue enough consequences or express enough disapproval or launch enough warning flares to get her to change.  Thank goodness.

Because of his failure to effect a change in his daughter after having exhausted every option he could imagine, by the time he came to me, he was teachable.  I explained to him H.O.W. I surmised in less than 3 minutes that he that he will have the relationship of his dreams with his daughter.  From the moment we first spoke, he was Honest, Open and Willing.  If one of those components was missing he would have had to cycle back through his pain-driven chain-reactions until he was ready to  let go.

H.O.W. can you spot a winner? They are Honest, Open and Willing.  Denial is a valuable tool of the human psyche.  It protects us when we could be overwhelmed by circumstances.  However, it will also destroy us if we are not willing to face it when it is no longer serving us.  How will you know if you are stuck in denial?  You will get repeated unpleasant feedback from your environment.  This is our inner guidance system at work letting us know it is time for another growth spurt.  Getting honest with ourselves and others allows us to change for the better…evolve.  However, honesty alone is not enough.  Openness to new ways of thinking and acting is a need for intentional change.  I like the expression, “My best thinking got me here.”   Until you are open to see that your way of processing events is no longer working for you, you will keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.  Lastly, winners are willing to change.  They don’t feel like a failure when their way didn’t work.  They are excited to find and try a different way of thinking or acting that will give them what they want.  You will know they are willing by their actions.  There is no other way to show willingness.  Period.

Coming to me, who another one of my clients calls her tormentor,  as you process another of life’s growth opportunities, is almost a guarantee that you know H.O.W. it works!  I say that in humility and with a big smile on my face because I know that just showing up to hear me say, “You are the problem'” is an act of willingness!   Someone once told me that he hated me for more than a year because I wrote on a 3×5 card “I AM THE PROBLEM,” and told him to tape it to his mirror.  But, he never forgot it.  And, he knew that my motives were pure and helpful.  So, gradually he became open to try to understand what I meant.  That is when he realized that if he is the problem, then he is also the solution!.  Oprah calls that an “Aha moment.”  In the case of my client with the daughter issues, when he understood his role in real-izing her ‘flaws,’  his behavior changed immediately.   I showed him how to define the exact nature of his objections.  Once he identified the problem in her, I directed him within asking, “How is this a mirror of you?”  He began to notice that if he didn’t  do what was necessary to take care of himself with loving compassion, his daughter would show risky behavior.  If he was too hard on himself, she may have a cutting relapse.  If he was being judgmental or resentful, she would judge him, resent his ‘flaws,’ and ignore him for weeks.

Realizing that she is a reflection of his spiritual fitness, he  began to change his behavior with her and made great changes with his internal dialogue. Of course he had his moments of  ‘two-steps forward and one step backward,’ but that is life.  No one ever gets through life without what they perceive as a misstep.  When we are honest about the events that came before a little slip backwards, we prevent a mindless slide back into that powerless chain of pain.  Honesty allows us to correct course. Every so-called step backwards can serve as the catalyst to move us even further forward…. if we don’t stare at it and blow it out of proportion.

Meditation is a microcosm of life – as well access to pure awareness of the Source of life.  In a meditative retreat our awareness of the stimulus of life slips  to the silence of pure Source awareness.  We come out of  silent Source awareness feeling refreshed and ready for anything.  The brief retreats in life that we call setbacks, give us the fuel or motivation for forward motion.  The ancients liken it to an archer pulling back on his bow with the arrow.  That retreat gives the arrow all the dynamism for its flight.  Lamenting losses , missteps, etc. is like trying to shoot an arrow without the tension of backwards motion.

Demonstrating great skill with one of my favorite tools, the mirror of life and relationship, my client began to see major changes in his relationship with his daughter.  In time, he actually saw major changes in her.  He began to notice that the connection between his attitude and his experiences ran deep indeed.  When he assumed responsibility and gained response-ability for his experiences, he stopped all blame. When  his daughter dented their expensive car, he conveyed his relief and gratitude that his priceless daughter wasn’t damaged.  In the past she may not have been hurt in the car accident but the invisible damage her father would have caused by overreacting would have affected her indefinitely.  Instead, he gave her a huge hug and helped her come up with a plan to pay for the damages  – resisting his impulse to take care of everything himself.  He gave her the ability to assume responsibility for the events of her life!  The pain in her pocketbook was a small price to pay for the empowerment she received by her father’s respect. His compassionate, tempered response felt like trust to his daughter, which is quite different from approval for doing  the ‘right’ way  or being ‘good enough.’

That wasn’t the last time she did something that would have made his head spin in the past.  In fact, a few events followed that I am not sure I would have been able to handle without a lot of  fear and some regrettable behavior.  But, he held the vision. He used Joel Osteen’s trick:  When someone we love misbehaves, instead of  highlighting or inflaming the situation by rehashing and shaming, simply accept what happened and then silently say, “Subject to change!”  Then quickly get back to your vision of this person at their best.  Refuse to dwell anywhere else.  This loving dad did just that in the face of some very trying situations. I remember being in awe of his growth and humbled by his devotion.   Before I could catch my breath he began regaling me with the most joyous stories of her transformation.  Because of his unconditional love and acceptance, she began to feel worthy.  She started to take better care of herself.  She acted with poise and dignity.  She was beginning to impress and humble him as he had done with me.  I have the greatest job I can imagine!


Just before Christmas when I was 7 years old my dad died and I experienced a life altering paradigm shift.  It was as if the curtains closed at the end of an act on the stage of my life and when they reopened, the scenery had completely changed leaving me feeling unsafe and bewildered.  As a result, I can rationalize, deny and forget anything.  It is a mechanism I employed to make sense my unfathomable reality.  It helped me survive the grief and terror that threatened my sanity for decades and felt life threatening.  I thought I was safe in my head even though I knew on some subconscious level that I didn’t feel safe.  This ‘survival’ mechanism carried me until I was 35 years old when it backfired for the last time.

At the age of 35 I experienced another paradigm shift.  I could no longer escape my reality. I had to embark on that treacherous journey from my head, where I rationalized my experiences, to my heart, where I began realizing them.  When I ‘surrendered’ and began processing my crippling feelings of grief, rage, shame, resentment, etc., something amazing happened.  I learned that the seemingly miraculous solution to any of my ‘problems’ is contained within my deepest fears! When I began to feel the feelings I had resisted, I made some critical discoveries:

  1. That which I resist persists.
  2. My emotions won’t kill me.
  3. Emotions are simply energy in motion.

    EMOTION = Energy in Motion

  4. My emotions they cannot pass if I resist/deny/stuff/block them.
  5. When I feel my feelings, I can release them and drop my ‘baggage.’
  6. Once I process the emotion, I discover that “peace that passes all understanding” rationally.
  7. Established in this peace of mind I am able to and I want to stay in present moment awareness.
  8. The Intelligence and the Power that creates worlds exists only in the present moment.
  9. Connected to that Power – my fears slip away and I gain ‘control’ of my life.
  10. When I feel a constricting emotion it is my sign that I am shutting down, resisting my experience, and cutting myself off from the Power to change that  undesirable experience .
  11. When I accept the experience as it is, I return to the present and the Power it has.  A feeling of expansion results.
  12. The ‘control’ (over my thoughts, words, deeds and experiences) that I craved was in my Awareness all along!
  13. As long as I was looking for that Power and Control over my life ‘out there,’ it would remain illusive.
  14. This EOS  (Emotional Operating System) is my infallible IGS – Internal Guidance System.  If I remain aware and pay attention to it, it will guide me to the life of my dreams and deepest desires.

I can think of many examples in life when I ignored the wisdom of my IGS and paid a steep price.  One obvious example was in my early twenties when I took a job as a mortgage-backed securities bond broker.  I was about to become the only woman on a dog-eat-dog bond-trading floor.  I had many reasons for taking the job despite a nagging ‘sinking’ feeling.  I was unable to show up for my first week on the job because I had colitis, which in retrospect was my IGS on overdrive, desperately trying to get my attention.  I had stuffed every emotion that surfaced before and after taking the job because I was in survival mode.  I felt that I had to stuff the grief associated with selling my soul to survive because I believed I had to take that job.  The disease I developed as a result of my dis-ease with my decision forced me stop physically.  But since I refused to stop mentally long enough to just be in the present moment, I delayed my discovery of true Power.

I was extremely ‘successful” and convinced myself that I was in control (happy, safe and secure).  I went on compromising my integrity for years saying and doing things that made me so uncomfortable I could hardly stand in my skin…another feeling I worked at denying !  Every year it became more difficult to contain all the trapped energy of my repressed emotions.  Finally at age 35, I reached the tipping point. Choices I made (albeit unconsciously) resulted in a situation that I would typically have denied, but at that particular moment, I could not house another emotion without imploding.  As a result, I accepted reality in the moment and suddenly, in touch with true Power, all my walls collapsed instantly and I stepped into this new miraculous paradigm.


Transcend to Silence ~ Meditation Seminar 4 Consecutive Tues & Thurs: From noon-1:00 p.m.  October 16, 18, 23, 25 & 30 November 1,6 & 8  *plus 4 private consultations with Laura Nash

Included in Your Seminar:

  • Weekly Instruction Tuesdays ~ Lecture format ~ Interactive.
  • Group Q&A every Thursday following the Tuesday class
  • Weekly 30-minute private consults with Laura
  • 10 hours total with Laura live
  • Access to bonus video featuring Deepak Chopra, MD
  • Access to conference audio recording
  • Access to workshop video recording
  • Course material and mantra ($60 extra for personal mantra)


Stress is the root of all dysfunction in our lives, physically, emotionally or socially. Proper meditation is one of the most powerful antidotes to stress, along with a sense of purpose and meaningful relationships (with ourselves as well as others). With Laura’s guidance, you will learn to effortlessly meditate your way to:

• gain mastery over your inner dialogue

• acquire peace of mind

• sharpen your focus and mental clarity

• improve relationships on all levels (intimate, familial, social and business)

• maintain balance and calm through adversity

• choose your circumstances instead of reacting to them

• experience a profound sense of satisfaction and fulfillment day to day

• live a life of meaning and purpose 


course description

introduction to the basic principle

Two1- hour group sessions in which, you will learn the basic principles of this transcendent form of meditation. You will also learn about the origins, efficacy and use of mantras.  You will begin to understand the magnitude of your decision to incorporate this revered time-honored, ancient ‘secret’ in your life.  You will receive your mantra and will be instructed in how to use it. After the first session, you will be ready to begin your practice of meditation.  Throughout the balance of this course you will benefit from numerous live ineractions to clarify any questions or perceived difficulties that arise.

perfecting the practice

During this 1-hour session, you will review the practical aspects of meditation, including fundamentals such as where and when to meditate.  You will be given suggestions that are designed to make the process of settling the mind more efficient.

fruits of your commitment

This final session highlights the type of results you can expect from your consistant meditation practice, While stress relief is indeed one of the byproducts of your ongoing commitment to meditation, there are myriad benefits that evolve over time.

a vision of higher states of consciousness

This seminar includes a specially prepared video featuring Deepak Chopra. He provides a glimpse of future possibilities of growth on all levels. There will be a time for Q&A after the video and further discussion will be available during scheduled group Q&A sessions.

group Q&A

Every week we will meet for one hour to discuss our experiences to date. There is significant benefit to be gained from hearing the experiences, questions and perspectives of the other participants.  This is also an opportunity to follow-up on any questions that were not fully adressed during the lectures due to time constraints.

private consultations

You will have the opportunity to meet with Laura for a thirty-minute private consultation four times throughout the course.  This is an excellent time to discuss personal issues that you prefer not to share with the group.  After registering for the class, you will be sent a schedule to make your appointment. If you have extenuating circumstances every effort will be made to accomodate your schedule.

It is important that you attend all sessions. If that is not possible, you will have the recordings available for you gto view as soon as possible so that you may keep current with the group.  The recordings will be available for review for the duration of the course….by understanding the basic principles of meditation now you will have years of happiness and success in the future!


I believe that under all of your formal education and social conditioning, you have an inner expert that knows what’s best for you. YOU are the ultimate expert, and this is your podcast. It’s free, it’s fun, and this week’s episode is available right now. Click on the image to listen to Episode 4

  Now Playing: Episode 4: Brandon Farrell


20-year-old Brandon Farrell asks about being able to control his emotions. A valuable conversations about living a meaningful life of our choosing ensues.


I have just uploaded my PODCAST for week 4!

You can find it here and you can also get it on iTunes. It’s called the ULTIMATE EXPERT PODCAST, and the idea is simple:

I believe that under all of your formal education and social conditioning, you have an inner expert that knows what’s best for you.

YOU are the ultimate expert, and this is your podcast.

It’s free, it’s fun, and this week’s episode is available right now.

Now Playing: Episode 3: Angela Scott, Good Voices and Bad Voices – Episode 3 – I discuss overcoming fear with my guest and friend Angela Scott. We discuss her struggle to follow her true passion, voice acting, and how you can use your intellect to help you achieve your heart’s desire (and not lead you away from it).


I hope you enjoy!



In addition to my blog posts and videos, I upload a PODCAST weekly.

You can find it here and you can also get it on iTunes. It’s called the ULTIMATE EXPERT PODCAST, and the idea is simple:

I believe that under all of your formal education and social conditioning, you have an inner expert that knows what’s best for you.

YOU are the ultimate expert, and this is your podcast.

It’s free, it’s fun, and this week’s episode is available right now.

Now playing – Episode 2: Katie Laud, Defining the Self –  I discuss defining the self with my guest and friend Katie Laud. We delve into the toll it takes on our identity to never say what we truly feel, the fear of confronting that true self, and the importance of observing and reflecting on letting that true self out.

I hope you enjoy!



Starting today, there will be a new way to tune in.

In addition to my blog posts and videos, I’ll be uploading a PODCAST every Tuesday morning.

It’s called the ULTIMATE EXPERT PODCAST, and the idea is simple:

I believe that under all of your formal education and social conditioning, you have an inner expert that knows what’s best for you.

YOU are the ultimate expert, and this is your podcast.

It’s free, it’s fun, and the first episode is available right now.

Episode 1 – Welcome!     I hope you enjoy!




Have you ever said something or done something that you knew you would regret even as you were saying or doing it?  Have you ever asked yourself how this is possible when YOU are the one saying or doing it?  How can we hope to manage the circumstances of our lives when we are not entirely able to manage our own thoughts and behaviors?

Free Introduction to Meditation

Sunday, October 30, 2011  

The Center for Relaxation & Healing  Chatham,NJ

Alternatively, you may join us live via teleconference.

You choose!  Simply make your selection on the registration page. The details of the teleconference can be found when you register.  Please feel free to invite as many friends as you like and forward this announcement to anyone yoiu know that may benefit from this information.

Stressed?  Anxious?

OverloadOver-thinking?  Angry?  Pressured?

  • Learn why meditation is so important for well-being and peace of mind.
  • Decide whether level one or leveltwo is the most appropriate choice for you:
    1. Simply and effectively change the way you feel employing various medataive relaxation techniques.
    2. Discover the seemingly miraculous, life-changing benefits of a formal meditation practice.
  • 30 minutes will be devoted to Q&A and/or guided meditation as time allows.

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One doesn’t fall out of love.

Becoming apathetic, disenchanted, indifferent or disillusioned

in what was once a “loving” relationship

means that we never truly loved in the first place.

Best we learn how to love before we do more damage.

Love is not love

Which alters when it alteration finds.

—William Shakespeare Sonnet 116




of each other,
our environment
and a higher power,
free from control.




The measure and sustainability of our “success” is commensurate with the 

meaningful service we provide + the authenticity of our motive/contribution.

A Simple Assessment Test

Anxiety about your job, relationships, results, etc. = you are taking. 
Your anxiety is merited – your success is at risk!
Eagerness to work, talk, share, etc. + love of learning & improving = you are contributing.
Your success is NOT in doubt!

The Daily Mandala



That, which we think about, we bring about. 

I am not responsible for my first thought or any that follows it,

until I become aware that I am thinking it. 

Without awareness, I have no choice. 

Once I realize where I am directing attention and energy, I am responsible.

At that point, continuing would be choosing to real-ize what it in my head.



Tapping Into The Source of Your Life

Now that we’ve seen the possibilities once we’ve tapped into the Source of power, let’s put it all together to make a list of steps that will help us achieve this goal—and as a result, achieve all our other goals in life as well.

How To Access The Source In Your Life

Daily Practice of Meditation

We discussed how to set up a daily practice of meditation in the last entry. He more you meditate, the more you activate your creative potential through connecting with the “silent source” of potential.

Practice Non-Judgment

Catch yourself judging and witness the tendency in your life instead of acting on the impulse to judge. Choose to observe rather than evaluate. When we judge we are viewing the world and our circumstances through the lens of our limited perspective. We cut ourselves off from the Source or the broader perspective that is omniscient, and vastly more intelligent, than our own rational mind.

Ground Yourself in Spiritual Wisdom

Too much time in our lives is dedicated towards the pursuit of negative thoughts and emotions rather than focusing on the inherent value of life around us and the spiritual truths associated with it. We are what we put our attention on. For this reason its essential that we put our attention on inspirational, motivational, grounding, and centering material.

Become the Observer

Remember that you are not one and the same with your emotions, and they cannot control your life if you don’t allow it. Record your emotions on a regular basis so you can better understand them from an observational standpoint instead of being overwhelmed when you experience them. Throughout the day ask yourself, “Who is listening?” Review your day as though you were watching a movie, and record it in a journal every day.

These actions are so powerful for developing awareness of your true self, the self beyond the thoughts, emotions and physical body. This connects you to the broader perspective; it cultivates choice and discernment in your actions. Together these actions connect you to the true Source of power, and everything you desire in your life.

Do You Think Too Much? Part 2

As mentioned in part 1, the rational mind we rely on so much to protect us is our main obstacle preventing us from reaching the potential we know we’re capable of. If we want to access this maximum potential inside us, we need to go beyond the rational thought process.

Because we spend so much time inside the rational mind, we act as though the silent, intangible “gut feeling” inside us doesn’t exist. The problem with this is that, by choosing a tool with limited power (the rational mind), we never realize there’s a more powerful resource at our fingertips.

You are more than simply a brain and a body. Even the body you possess now is different than the one you were born with; every cell has changed completely even from a few years ago. Likewise, your emotions and thought patterns change over time. Thought itself is energy transmitted to your brain via a chemical and electrical process.

So if we’re not just a brain and a body, why do we spend so much of our life focusing on the rational mind? The one key factor missing from this equation is you—not your brain, not your body, but your own existence that’s powering every thought and cell. This part of the equation never changes. While every other aspect of you evolves and changes, that silent, innate intelligence that’s uniquely You remains constant.

It’s little wonder we feel something is missing, when things are put into perspective. Ancient wisdom describes this discovery as “awakening the Observer”. By giving more priority to this awareness, you’re inviting the Observer into your life. You yourself become the process through which the Observer sees.

Einstein further expounds on this principle: he explains that nothing in the universe is solid—energy is the fundamental driving force of all matter, just as we are the driving force of our life. Beneath the layers of skin, muscles and bones, our bodies are made up of the basic building blocks of life: atoms. Atoms form the cells that, in turn, form all matter we see around us.

An atom, in essence, is information that vibrates with energy at the speed of light. Everything we see vibrates with this energy, including our bodies. Quantum physics calls it “blinking”—that is, the atom blinks on and off. When the atom is “on”, we operate on the physical level and rely on our rational mind to solve our problems. When the atom is “off”, that silent intelligence hidden within us emerges. These atoms vibrate so intensely that we often mistakenly believe they are always “on”, and never visibly see when they’re “off”.

Remember the zone mentioned in the last post, that state we enter when our innate intelligence overrides the conscious mind? This is the source of those atoms. You’ve probably heard of going directly to the source to obtain something you desire; by transcending the state of always being “on”, we can tap into this source inside of us, where the atoms are “off”.

If we only focus on our rational mind, emotions and physical body, we begin to seek power over our lives from external sources, such as status, titles, and our spheres of influence. These are circumstantial, and fleeting, forms of power, gone as soon as the circumstances change. But by tapping into the source of power within us, we gain a firm foothold of control in our lives that will not easily shift or fade with time.