Free Introduction to Meditation

Sunday, October 30, 2011  

The Center for Relaxation & Healing  Chatham,NJ

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Stressed?  Anxious?

OverloadOver-thinking?  Angry?  Pressured?

  • Learn why meditation is so important for well-being and peace of mind.
  • Decide whether level one or leveltwo is the most appropriate choice for you:
    1. Simply and effectively change the way you feel employing various medataive relaxation techniques.
    2. Discover the seemingly miraculous, life-changing benefits of a formal meditation practice.
  • 30 minutes will be devoted to Q&A and/or guided meditation as time allows.

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becomes a top priority, when one fully understands that form follows thought,
regardless of the thinker’s intention.
We reap what we sew in thought, word and deed, the most potent of which, is thought!




can’t be used in the same sentence.

Whatever we give to or share with our beloved makes us feel

enhanced ~ not at all diminished, depleted or drained.




Stress is the root of all dysfunction in our lives, physically, emotionally or socially. Proper meditation is one of the most powerful antidotes to stress, along with a sense of purpose and meaningful relationships (with ourselves as well as others). With Laura’s guidance, you will learn to effortlessly meditate your way to:
• gain mastery over your inner dialogue
• acquire peace of mind
• sharpen your focus and mental clarity
• improve relationships on all levels (intimate, familial, social and business)
• maintain balance and calm through adversity
• choose your circumstances instead of reacting to them
• experience a profound sense of satisfaction and fullment day to day
• live a life of meaning and purpose

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Tuning Into The Frequency of Your Life

We are not separate from the Source of everything that was, is, and will be. Rather, we are an extension of that Source. We, as human beings, have evolved to the point of being aware of the Source that gives rise to our being as well as possessing the ability to use that Source to manifest our own dreams.

Resistance to this personal power is caused by our own ego buying into a fear-based belief produced by our well-meaning–but misguided–rational mind, which has forgotten the fact the Source lies within us and not from an external, fabricated concept such as money.

We can experience more of the magic of this Source by meditating frequently. When we meditate, we bypass the rational mind and tap into the energy of this Source. When we start to expand our consciousness we allow this energy to flow more freely into our being, and we start to experience more joy and goodness in our lives—which is our natural state! We forget this state as we experience the trials and tribulations of growing into adulthood.

Imagine a newborn baby. She is like a brilliant diamond: clear, pure and beautiful, with many facets. She coos, laughs, she is energetic and joyous, in a constant state of wonderment at her surroundings. She has no pre-conceived conception of what life will be like in her new home.

Then one day she is taken to her grandparents’ home and is scolded for picking up Grandma’s china bowl and marking up the tables with her fudge-covered fingers. When they go to dinner she is told to use her “restaurant voice” so she won’t disturb the others and is reprimanded for laughing too loud.

Her blissful, expanded state begins to constrict as social conditioning begins, and her ego creeps in to protect her from the words and actions of others. Yet underneath the conditioning and protective coverings she will build over the years is still her original blissful, laughing, energetic and joyous self—her true self, that extension of Source energy encapsulated in a physical body, having a material experience.

To paraphrase Abraham-Hicks, “Source Energy” is always available to us, and with it comes joy, goodness, love, abundance, laughter, and the sense of well-being we all instinctively crave and know we possess. We can feel whether or not we are allowing our full connection to that energy. Simply put, the better we feel, the more we are allowing this connection to occur. The worse we feel, the less we are allowing it. Our body uses discomfort and disease to force us to slow down and pay attention to our “mis-creation” (unconsciously driven self-defeating activity) or our disconnection from the Source.

Every thought we have vibrates, radiating a signal into the universe and attracting a similar vibration back. When you tune your radio to 95.5 FM, you don’t expect to hear music from 101.1 FM. Radio frequencies must match in order to be picked up and interpreted clearly.

The same is true for human beings. Imagine we are a human radio antenna, emitting a certain frequency. You attract and receive the same frequency you emit into the universe. If you send a negative signal or feeling, you attract more negativity—misery loves company. Conversely, when you emit a joyous and happy signal, you will attract more joy and happiness in your life. This is the Law of Attraction, a widely accepted principle which highlights the energetic exchange of the universe. It states: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”

The Source cannot judge right and wrong, it only responds to vibration. Whatever you concentrate on in life, you send out a vibration associated with it. In other words, what you pay attention to is exactly what you’re creating in your own life—for better or for worse. The response from the Source will equal the vibration.

By paying attention to the signals of your feelings, you can understand—with greater precision—the concept that everything you are now experiencing or have ever lived in the past is because you attracted it to yourself. If we go back to the issue of our abusive parents, or the illness, we can take it on face value that we somehow attracted it this to our lives and, if we want to be free, we need to begin to intentionally attract something more positive. We have to boldly break through the pain of our past or present circumstances by focusing on what we do want to experience, here and now.

How To Get What You Want

We can tap into the source of everything by overcoming the constant internal monologue of our rational mind through meditation. We can utilize this connection once we’ve established it in our lives by focusing our attention and energy. We can and do influence the source whether we have established a conscious connection or not. This connection strengthens our ability to remain grounded and self-empowered—relying on the real source inside ourselves. By maintaining this connection to the source, our desires are realized with diminishing effort on our part. The time that lapses between our desire and its fulfillment also decreases.

There are multi-dimensional aspects to our lives. First, we are physical beings, bound by the laws of physics and the illusory world made up of atoms that appear, according to our senses, to be solid. The physical world is everything we can see, hear, and experience with our five senses.

But we are also subtle beings. At this level of existence the atoms aren’t quite as densely grouped as they first appeared to be. Therefore, our experience at this level comes in the form of less tangible thoughts and emotions.

On a third, separate level, we are completely intangible beings. This aspect of our being is infinite, something that can’t be defined by space or time. It’s the intelligence that holds us together, the source of all the particles seen in the other aspects of our being. It is that field of power and potential energy known by the field of quantum physics as “waves” of potentiality.

So how do these waves of potentiality turn into particles of information? In other words, how is that potential actualized? How does anything come from nothingness to become something? How do we get what we want?

The answer is simple. As Einstein said, if the answer is simple it’s divine, but complicated answers are constructed by the human mind.

First, our own thoughts transform a “wave” of potentiality into a particle of information. All of our memories and future thoughts are stored as pieces of information, or potentiality, in a virtual filing cabinet. Turning our attention to a certain memory or thought activates that piece of information; with prolonged attention, the energy surrounding it will begin to attract similar particles—or repel them, depending on the positive or negative nature of your attention. The more intense your focus, the greater the likelihood these pieces of information will become solid enough to form as a physical reality in your life.

You are the creator of all your experiences. If you focus on negative events in your past and continually relive the emotional and physical pain associated with it, you begin to attract negative particles into your present experience. This is precisely why bad things happen to good people. If you have a good heart but are held back by fear from past experience, you’re setting yourself up for suffering.

The Source of all thought and emotion is absolute. It has no preferences; it just is. It only knows how to give or create. It gives exactly what we ask it to give based on what we focus on and pour our energy into. This is why fear is so dangerous—it leads us to focus on things we don’t really want, such as illness or failure. If we are fearful of falling ill, the Source only picks up on the subject of our attention and gives it back to us. Law is law, and gravity will not suspend itself because Johnny fell out of the window and never did anything to deserve this.

To start creating a successful life, it’s crucial we are aware and present with ourselves so we know exactly what we are focusing our attention and energy on. Mindfulness is key. We need to be clear with our intentions—if we don’t know where we’re going, we may end up anywhere. Finally, we need to be a witness and observer of our own lives; acting as a third-person observer shifts our awareness to the perspective of the real source, the higher self. This action begins the process of freeing you from the reactive, conditioned mind, as long as you observe without judgment. As you become fully aware of your thoughts and emotions, they will not have as much power over you. You will be able to respond to life more consciously rather than react and regret.

Do You Think Too Much? Part 2

As mentioned in part 1, the rational mind we rely on so much to protect us is our main obstacle preventing us from reaching the potential we know we’re capable of. If we want to access this maximum potential inside us, we need to go beyond the rational thought process.

Because we spend so much time inside the rational mind, we act as though the silent, intangible “gut feeling” inside us doesn’t exist. The problem with this is that, by choosing a tool with limited power (the rational mind), we never realize there’s a more powerful resource at our fingertips.

You are more than simply a brain and a body. Even the body you possess now is different than the one you were born with; every cell has changed completely even from a few years ago. Likewise, your emotions and thought patterns change over time. Thought itself is energy transmitted to your brain via a chemical and electrical process.

So if we’re not just a brain and a body, why do we spend so much of our life focusing on the rational mind? The one key factor missing from this equation is you—not your brain, not your body, but your own existence that’s powering every thought and cell. This part of the equation never changes. While every other aspect of you evolves and changes, that silent, innate intelligence that’s uniquely You remains constant.

It’s little wonder we feel something is missing, when things are put into perspective. Ancient wisdom describes this discovery as “awakening the Observer”. By giving more priority to this awareness, you’re inviting the Observer into your life. You yourself become the process through which the Observer sees.

Einstein further expounds on this principle: he explains that nothing in the universe is solid—energy is the fundamental driving force of all matter, just as we are the driving force of our life. Beneath the layers of skin, muscles and bones, our bodies are made up of the basic building blocks of life: atoms. Atoms form the cells that, in turn, form all matter we see around us.

An atom, in essence, is information that vibrates with energy at the speed of light. Everything we see vibrates with this energy, including our bodies. Quantum physics calls it “blinking”—that is, the atom blinks on and off. When the atom is “on”, we operate on the physical level and rely on our rational mind to solve our problems. When the atom is “off”, that silent intelligence hidden within us emerges. These atoms vibrate so intensely that we often mistakenly believe they are always “on”, and never visibly see when they’re “off”.

Remember the zone mentioned in the last post, that state we enter when our innate intelligence overrides the conscious mind? This is the source of those atoms. You’ve probably heard of going directly to the source to obtain something you desire; by transcending the state of always being “on”, we can tap into this source inside of us, where the atoms are “off”.

If we only focus on our rational mind, emotions and physical body, we begin to seek power over our lives from external sources, such as status, titles, and our spheres of influence. These are circumstantial, and fleeting, forms of power, gone as soon as the circumstances change. But by tapping into the source of power within us, we gain a firm foothold of control in our lives that will not easily shift or fade with time.

Do You Think Too Much?

You’ve probably had moments where it suddenly hits you that you’re capable of far more than what you’re currently doing. You have no proof of this, yet you instinctively feel you could be “doing more” with your life.

Where does this knowing come from? The brain can process our thoughts, but intuition reaches us on a deeper level. We have an “inner knowing” that transcends the rational process of our minds, something that motivates us to finally realize our own potential. It’s an evolutionary call to advance and expand our consciousness. Responding to this yearning by boldly stepping into the unknown is often thwarted by our own rational mind, which convinces why we shouldn’t change—or even that change is dangerous.

In reality, the mind was never supposed to be our only source of guidance. It is true that the brain uses its rational capabilities to protect us, and will often guide us away from anything it associates with pain. But if we allow the brain’s instinct-driven reactions to guide us, it will prevent us from moving forward in our own life to undertake great endeavors.

Because our minds are so used to processing daily activities and familiar sensations, it automatically puts up defenses at anything that is unknown. This promotes fear that can stem from countless sources: it could be that inner voice that wants to do something different, but hasn’t seen anyone succeed at it before; it could be the relationship you give up because, despite your happiness, your family disapproves.

Following this irrational fear that, at the time, seems rational, we prevent ourselves from realizing our true potential in life. We’re left with a void that needs fulfillment. If this yearning isn’t realized, we often transform it into self-destructive tendencies that hurt us and those around us.

Clearly there is an intelligence in us that runs deeper than our rational minds. This is the same inner intelligence that allows animals to sense a coming storm and escape without harm. We sometimes refer to it as our “gut feeling”, something silent inside of us that can’t be pinpointed to any specific organ in our bodies. Sometimes we enter a mental “zone” and bypass the rational mind while doing mundane things such as driving, ending up at our destination with no memory of getting there. Artists and athletes often speak of entering this “zone” where they’re able to perform tasks beyond their normal capabilities.

By spending so much time inside our rational mind, we have no awareness of this silent but powerful intelligence inside of us. Because of this oversight we rely on the brain to provide 100% of our thought power, creating undue stress on ourselves and cutting short our desire and potential to become more than what we think we are.

In the next article we’ll discuss more about this problem, and what we can do to overcome it.

How Does Change Happen?

Natural law applies to every sentient being. It allows you to tap into your true potential more easily and lead a more fulfilling, successful life. This law guides your destiny every moment of your life, and acts according to the choices you make.

So what is this “natural law”? It’s the process through which change happens, when potential is actualized. According to Deepak Chopra, it’s “the process by which the observer becomes the observed and…by which the seer becomes the seen.” The definition of this law assumes the following:

  1. Ancient vedic wisdom states there are three components to reality: the source of creation, the process of creation, and creation itself. In modern terms, they’re called Spirit, Mind, and Body. The Observer is both the process of observing and being observed; the Thinker is both the process of thought and the subject of it. These components all come from the same invisible power, the same quiet source inside yourself.
  2. The universe is always intelligent, and everything within it exists for a reason. It’s not intelligent only at certain times, and chaotic at others.
  3. The universe always possesses order; nothing is random.
  4. Everything comes into being from the same source, and in the same way.

In order to create sustainable change and be successful in life, you need to understand how change happens in the universe so you can use this knowledge of natural law to your advantage—rather than constantly battling against it.

Success can be defined in several ways:

  1. It implies self-mastery over your thoughts, words and actions. It’s essentially the freedom from self-sabotage, and the ability to act purposefully on your convictions.
  2. It’s the ability to see meaningful goals to fruition.
  3. It allows you to fulfill your desires and dreams effortlessly.
  4. It grants you good health, fulfilling relationships, motivating energy, and an enthusiasm for life.
  5. It’s the realization and actualization of your creative freedom.
  6. It’s emotional and psychological stability at the core of your existence.
  7. Finally, it’s a sense of well-being and peace of mind that affects and influences every aspect of your life.

Discovering where you are in life physically, emotionally, and psychologically will help you determine what you’d like to improve and achieve on your path to success.