Lesson from Job(s)

It is our great fortune to have witnessed the personification of so many Truths in the life and achievements or Steve Jobs.  His iconic legacy will be available for all to draw upon when illustrating Natural Law, the governing principles of Creation.  His larger-than-life demonstration of The Power of Pure Potential (aka the Power within), The Power of Intention (focus), The Power of Self-Referral (not accepting conventional wisdom), The Power of  Visualization (imagination), The Powers of Simplicity and  Boldness (‘just do it’), The Power of Detachment (from fear, from the outcome, from the known) brought us closer to understanding that while human, we are also super-human.  If we allow ourselves to seize these Powers, move out of the illusion of safety of our comfort zone and venture forth into the realization of our seemingly miraculous potential, we can, like Steve Jobs, achieve anything we can conceive and believe.
Jobs, sadly, also demonstrated the results of violating these Laws.  Stories of his impertenance are sprinkled throughout accounts of his creative prowess.  In addition to his micro-managing (controlling? autocratic?) leadership style, he was known to belittle people, seek revenge, and harbor grudges.  Whether he was ignorant, defiant or disdainful of such fundamental Laws as The Power of Love, The Power of Attraction, The Power of Compassion, and The Power of Forgiveness, Steve Jobs has left us a few poignant examples of  what happens when we believe we are the Power or that immutable Natural Laws don’t pertain to us.  It is impossible to fool Mother Nature.  We will always reap what we sow.  Pumpkin seeds will never bring forth cherries.  Imagine if he was able to weave the Power of Potential & The Power of Intention with The Powers of Love & Compassion and the Powers of Attraction & Purpose.  He may have inspired the realize-ation of boundless Potential within those he employed.  Empowering others motivated by an absolute trust in the Power of Love without any attachment to the outcome (e.g. not fearing that Knowledge or information is dangerous or belief that your investment in another  may not pay returns) must buoy the leader/teacher exponentially.  It is Law.
Additionally, had he chosen to empower and inspire rather than intimidate, the inescapable Law of Attraction is likely to have drawn far less toxicity to his life experience and perhaps the potential for disease encoded in his DNA could have remained un-real-ized, dormant.  Nature does not compartmentalize; neither do we.  It is impossible!  We cannot have one kind of thought and a different kind of body.  Your body will reflect, measurably, whether you are stressed, angry, grateful or loving, etc.  Make sure that that you employ the Power of Love in all of your intentions, interactions and creations.  The Law of Attraction says we receive back the energy we emit multiplied on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Do you want back what you are giving out?  How would you like it on steroids?


Attraction Confusion

 like attracts like 

and opposites attract

The two are not mutually exclusive.  The subject and quality of our focus determines what we attract.  A loving person focusing on what they hate (illness, mean people, etc.) is likely to attract just that!  Onlookers will say, “How unfair!”  Actually, the law is non-discriminating applying to everyone.  

A simple shift of focus to what is desired with a grateful, expectant heart will produce  miracles!


It’s All About Give And Take

Life is a process of constant transformation where matter becomes energy, and energy becomes matter. Nature is the perfect example of this process: think about a tree whose leaves provide oxygen for us to breathe, and in return takes the carbon dioxide we exhale. That is one exchange. Its leaves die and fall to the ground, where they decompose and become energy that sustains the tree. The tree consumes energy and creates new matter in the form of new leaves, which begins the process all over again.

When we breathe, we give carbon dioxide to the tree. Without this act of giving, the tree could not receive anything. If the tree did not give the earth its leaves for nutrients, it would starve. There is a constant on-going flow that creates our world as we know it.

Other examples in nature exist of this give-and-take process. If you watch a gaggle of geese flying overhead in a V-formation you’ll notice the leaders actually alternate; as each bird flaps its wings, it creates an updraft making it easier for the birds behind them to fly. When the leader tires of giving maximum effort, it falls back into formation and receives the updraft from the birds ahead of it.

Another example of nature’s constant exchange is the river. It’s been said that you can never step n the same river twice. This is because the water that constitutes the part of the river where you are stepping is continuously flowing out and being replaced by new water. If there was no place for the water to flow, the river would stagnate and become toxic like the Dead Sea.

The Source of our being (the silent intelligence mentioned in earlier blog posts, which gives rise to everything that ever was and will be) receives our intention by reading the vibrations we give. In other words, our thoughts and emotions give the Source its delivery orders. The physical level is created and manifested from a subtle level via our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. As a result of this intention, we experience things on the physical level with our 5 senses.

Everything we experience comes from the field of pure potential. This beautiful symbiotic flow is within all we experience in the world. Life itself is giving and receiving in action. The Source just gives and receives back everything you give it, only to give again. Things come into existence; they have a beginning, they give of themselves, and they have an end. The universe receives the energy and information back into the field of pure potential.

Actually, this process is happening every millisecond at the speed of light. Since our lives are constantly vibrating with energy, the Source is giving, receiving, and giving information again. The information contained in the universe is constantly in flux; with every pulse of information, there is birth, and there is death. Understanding your role in this energetic exchange, from giving someone a smile to taking your next breath, will give you a new tool to open yourself to greater energy flow, more affluence, better health, and more fulfilling relationships. You will truly understand that what you get out of life is directly proportional to what you put into it.

Focusing On Your Life

The first step to enjoying a more successful life is to understand your current behavioral patterns, and determine if you’re living up to your maximum potential in the areas of life that are important to you. In other words: what do you really want in life?

“Your Life Focus” is a tool that will help you identify both the strong points in your life and behavior, as well as areas where you may not feel as fulfilled as you’d like. In this exercise you’ll be able to clearly see the areas that could use improvement.

The center of the wheel represents the number 0 on a scale of 10. The outer edge that runs along the circumference of the circle represents 10. The further you get from the center to that outer edge, the higher the number will be.

Take a moment to copy this wheel on a sheet of paper, complete with lines to separate each section, and label it according to what you see here: Health, Education, and so forth. In each section, draw an arc from left to right at the point that represents the number you feel most accurately reflects your life at the moment. Repeat this process until there’s a line in every section at the number you feel is accurate. Here’s a brief description of a few sections and their practical applications to get you started:

Health: physical fitness and general health.

Education: ongoing learning and and expansion of the intellect. Your brain is a muscle, and like all muscles, it will atrophy if not stretched. Do you exercise it regularly and challenge it with new ideas or experiences?

Self: personal development, such as motivation and self-awareness.

Play: usually known as “me time”, used for recreation, hobbies and leisure activities.

Career: your professional success as well as professional satisfaction. Do you love your job, or do you dread waking up each day to go to work?

Wealth: finances and material possessions. Do you have money but deny yourself certain conveniences you would enjoy? Do you have enough money to maintain a comfortable lifestyle?

Contribution: a sense of purpose and satisfaction at what you contribute to society. How does your life and career contribute to the improvement of the world around you?

Now, take a look at the results of the exercise. Do the lines meet up for a well-rounded, balanced life? Or is it staggered and uneven? Think of it like a bicycle tire: would it roll smoothly down the street, or would you be in for a bumpy ride? Being aware of your life’s current focus offers you the power to improve areas that need more attention, while maintaining the areas you’re satisfied with.

On a separate sheet of paper, write down the section names again and what you really want to accomplish with each one. Be honest with yourself, as that will ultimately help you achieve these goals. What’s blocking you from realizing your potential in each section? Write these down as well.

Rather than trying to tackle several sections at once, concentrate on one or two areas at a time and give yourself 90 days to focus your attention on them. This way the change will occur more naturally, allowing you to sustain it. Remember, fire burns brightly and is a spectacular sight, but will die just as quickly; water flows more subtly, but can stay the same course year after year. When you’re satisfied with your progress in a particular area and know you can sustain that change, move onto the next section.