Lesson from Job(s)

It is our great fortune to have witnessed the personification of so many Truths in the life and achievements or Steve Jobs.  His iconic legacy will be available for all to draw upon when illustrating Natural Law, the governing principles of Creation.  His larger-than-life demonstration of The Power of Pure Potential (aka the Power within), The Power of Intention (focus), The Power of Self-Referral (not accepting conventional wisdom), The Power of  Visualization (imagination), The Powers of Simplicity and  Boldness (‘just do it’), The Power of Detachment (from fear, from the outcome, from the known) brought us closer to understanding that while human, we are also super-human.  If we allow ourselves to seize these Powers, move out of the illusion of safety of our comfort zone and venture forth into the realization of our seemingly miraculous potential, we can, like Steve Jobs, achieve anything we can conceive and believe.
Jobs, sadly, also demonstrated the results of violating these Laws.  Stories of his impertenance are sprinkled throughout accounts of his creative prowess.  In addition to his micro-managing (controlling? autocratic?) leadership style, he was known to belittle people, seek revenge, and harbor grudges.  Whether he was ignorant, defiant or disdainful of such fundamental Laws as The Power of Love, The Power of Attraction, The Power of Compassion, and The Power of Forgiveness, Steve Jobs has left us a few poignant examples of  what happens when we believe we are the Power or that immutable Natural Laws don’t pertain to us.  It is impossible to fool Mother Nature.  We will always reap what we sow.  Pumpkin seeds will never bring forth cherries.  Imagine if he was able to weave the Power of Potential & The Power of Intention with The Powers of Love & Compassion and the Powers of Attraction & Purpose.  He may have inspired the realize-ation of boundless Potential within those he employed.  Empowering others motivated by an absolute trust in the Power of Love without any attachment to the outcome (e.g. not fearing that Knowledge or information is dangerous or belief that your investment in another  may not pay returns) must buoy the leader/teacher exponentially.  It is Law.
Additionally, had he chosen to empower and inspire rather than intimidate, the inescapable Law of Attraction is likely to have drawn far less toxicity to his life experience and perhaps the potential for disease encoded in his DNA could have remained un-real-ized, dormant.  Nature does not compartmentalize; neither do we.  It is impossible!  We cannot have one kind of thought and a different kind of body.  Your body will reflect, measurably, whether you are stressed, angry, grateful or loving, etc.  Make sure that that you employ the Power of Love in all of your intentions, interactions and creations.  The Law of Attraction says we receive back the energy we emit multiplied on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Do you want back what you are giving out?  How would you like it on steroids?



is the force that catapults our awareness beyond the limitation of rational thought.

It connects us to the miraculous Power performing trillions of functions in our bodies every second simultaneously, co-incidentally, without communication between the parts.

“The only thing faster than the speed of light is Love.”

~ Alphie


No Fool for Love

The Power of Love

Ironically, following the path of Love is the only route to true, sustainable power.  Seeking power through control and/or domination over people, places and things usually works…temporarily. This behavior can, and usually does, provide instant gratification and a [false] sense of security. The thrill of “success” releases endorphins and the association between domination and pleasure gets wired in our nervous system! The problem with this type of power is that it in not sustainable.  In addition, exacting power by deflating and depleting others comes with a very steep price.  Requiring constant vigilance, it is exhausting and inefficient. Neither the jailer nor the prisoner is free. Furthermore, what seems on the surface like a win, is in fact, another step closer to utter failure. The animus released every time someone loses in order that another prospers builds like an untreated disease. The power-grabber ultimately gets taken down one way or another, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.   Addicted to instant gratification and demonstrable, measurable cause and effect, the power addict usually slips into a comfortable denial, utterly incapable of recognizing direct responsibility for their dis-ease.   The person who is motivated by empowering and inspiring others has true Power. Individuals with this expansive perspective stand out in sharp contrast to the constriction felt around takers.  These individuals have magnetism – the power of attraction.  They listen to their inner guide (aka conscience)- which will ALWAYS make the loving, empowering choice.  The resulting goodwill from others as well as their own self-respect multiplies.  The subtle impact of their generosity pays dividends all the days of their lives.  It is the fool that doesn’t engage the power o Love in all human interaction.


Living Self-Care Blog GUEST POST: Real Mom Laura Nash

Laura’s Guest-Post on LIVING SELF-CARE

You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Possess

Regarding self-sacrifice as a badge of honor comes from our very best intentions. We’ve been told that when we put others’ needs first, we’ll feel so good about ourselves that our needs will diminish. While this is often true about our desires, it is dangerously incorrect about our needs.

Our primary need is for love. Conditioning taught us to look for others to meet this: parents, siblings, friends, lovers and even our children. This dynamic would often require our significant others to suppress their needs in favor of ours. This can’t be love. Furthermore, there is nobody who can love you
the way you need to be loved — with one exception: YOU!

Love is best demonstrated with time and attention. We must give ourselves all the time and attention we need, so that our soul is overflowing with love. We can’t contain it.  We must give it away!  Free from unmet needs, your loved ones will sense the pure joy you derive from the relationship. They’ll neither feel defensive about disappointing you, nor will they act out in order to get your attention.

Only you know what you need. Only you can provide it. Take the time to check-in with yourself.  Discern your wants from your needs.  Extend love to yourself through self-care and your soul will soar.

Today’s author Laura Nash is a consultant and Chopra-certified meditation instructor who teaches individuals and companies “peace of mind” skills.  Visit her an http://www.lauranash.com.

Measure Your Life In Love

Years ago, a Broadway musical called RENT swept New York with its message of learning how to live and love in a world that seems cold and uncaring. Its most famous song reminds us to “measure your life in love”. But as simple as those words sound, is it something we can really accomplish in our lives?

A baby will not survive long without love and attention. Even as an adult, we seek love and approval first from our family, then our life partner. Despite the tendency of modern society to gloss over emotional needs in favor of short-term material satisfaction, human beings need love in order to live.

In a loving relationship, you give love and receive it. If you don’t, you walk around with a heavy heart and develop physical illness from the stress. The term “broken-hearted” was given its name for a reason.

How do we express love? By giving time and attention to another. If you are always seeking attention and never giving it, or make no time for those you love, you will suffer a break down, either physically, emotionally or both. If you are always seeking for the other party to listen to you without extending the same courtesy, the imbalance will attract anxiety and stress. No one will want to hear what you have to say, which will cause even more stress!

Likewise, if you are always the giver, a dysfunctional relationship will result. You may become resentful, or even be resented by the very person you wish to please. Overly generous people who give until it is a detriment to them are often surprised to hear the recipient of their gifts describe the feeling as “overwhelming” or even “suffocating”. Giving too much of yourself to the point of suffering makes others wary of you, which will only breed mistrust and growing resentment of the perceived demands you place on them by literally giving until it hurts.

True love blossoms and thrives when two people trust each other. Love can still exist without trust, but it is stained with bitterness, pain and caution. In order to establish trust, truth must flow freely between both parties.

When we hide things out of fear of the consequences, we create the potential for an even more disastrous result. If a husband is afraid to tell his wife that he spent all day with his client, who happens to be a gorgeous woman, he will arouse suspicion if she ever finds out. Conversely, if he simply discusses it with his wife that day, trust is established from the very beginning.

Many people go through life never understanding what trust really means, or the balance of giving and receiving in familial and personal relationships. Instead they swing wildly from one side to the other, or stubbornly stick to only one side of the process while they feel like they’re dying inside—and in many ways, their soul really is suffering deeply. Only by accepting the fact that real love means giving of yourself and accepting what the other has to give you, sharing each others’ happiness and pain equally without resentment, can you learn to love both yourself and others; only then can you “measure your life in love”.